SDCC 2019 - Yeah Baby lets do this!

I am a SDCC fanatic ! There is no easy way of describing how excited i get to attend this convention. From hunting down missing comics in my collection to watching the Wife muscle through the crowd to get to the Hasbro line. This year i will add a new experience to the mix, attending the Diamond Events.

So far i am watching :
Funko Fundays - Wednesday 1pm- 3pm EST - Announcement on Twitter - Watching this Like a Hawk ! Our first fundays back in 2016 was crazy ! maybe this year we will score tickets again.

Watching and waiting on these items. I always love getting the marvel sets and Magic the Gathering Card specials.

Mattel :
One of the easy ones, i will preorder these and pick up on sight. My wife has a Wonder woman Barbie signed by Gal Gadot that she cherishes. I am waiting to see what they have to offer this year.

So lets talk SDCC. Who else is as excited as i am ?!?!

Man. I wish I could go. I have gotten press passes before but always turn it down as the show is cost prohibitive coming from the east coast. Between flights, hotel, and all the others it would cost me more to go there by myself than take my family to Disney every year. Maybe one day when the kids are older I will go. But I have to say I get as equally excited for NYCC every year. I have a blast.

Yeah, we need to go one year. Just drive or fly to Austin, then we make a road trip out of it.

I have friends is San Diego you can stay with.

Much appreciated.

With careful planning anyone can go. This year our hotel was free due to us using our “Points” to book a Marriot hotel. But, one can use “hotelpocalypse” to book a room for 5 nights @ around $1000. I forget the name of the one we usually stay at but its right on the trolly line and goes past a few plazas that have food and a mall and what not. I actually like that one as its close to the trolly and thier resturant has semi good food. Then you look for air fair. We watch Expedia about 3 mmonths out. We save our search and get price updates via email. on tuesday / wednesday the prices dip and when we think they are at thier lowest we buy. cost for us to fly out of Boston is around $400 each round trip.

I like the NYCC as well. We take the train in and stay close to the convention. this year with the Little one im not sure what we will do but im thinking of either dressing up as Kauto or maybe doing Master Blaster.

i’m all about that airbnb life at sdcc lol Staying downtown would be nice but hotelpocalypse is a nightmare, and I have a much easier time getting parking.

Hasbro always has the best exclusives, but Mattel is fun too. Their booth is more accessible and Mattel always does amazing with outside package, usually better than the figure itself!