SDCC Comic Variants List

Starting my list of Comic Variants from Publishers

Graphitti Designs - DC Comics

These are Silver Foil Variants. Im Digging the Batman and Justice League covers. And Catwoman by Artgerm is always a good seller - look on ebay for presales on the standard variants to judge Demand on these.



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1560384920869_TMNT_Bundle 1560385040552_Usagi_Bundle

Boom Studios

Special MMPR #40 Orange Ranger Variant

Dark horse


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What movie is that Dceased cover supposed to be from?

The NUN.

Thanks! I thought it looked familiar i just couldn’t remember and I saw that movie too.

Damn, I want those Black Hammer and Umbrella Academy variants.

Also, it is amazing they took a handsome man like Zachary Quinto and can make him look so ugly for that, “NOS4A2.”


TMNT #95, Surprise Reveal Con Variant

Cover by Dave Wachter
$100 each, Limited to 200 copies (*Limit 1 per person)
Due to the recent storyline in TMNT: City At War, we have created a unique “Spoiler Reveal” variant of TMNT #95 to commemorate the newest Turtle, Jennika! We’re bringing 200 copies of this book and limiting it to 1 per person. Not listed on the CCI Exclusives page, but find it at our booth #2729!

I saw these when doing the weekly report and saw these selling already around the $300 range from what I recall.

Meh. I’d prefer the sketch/concept artwork as a cover.

Also a $100 price tag? Ughh… Unless I knew I already could flip at double that retail price, I wouldn’t bother.

Sales for this comic on Ebay are 225++ , i see like 10 presale already.

I might snag a few along with the 35th anniversary pack.

Good luck… I’ll buy one off you for $100 if they’re still selling for $225 or higher :stuck_out_tongue:

So you, wife and the baby buying one each? Limited to one per person… :slight_smile:

Hell yeah you know it … i even have a TMNT Outfit all lined up for him to wear that day too :slight_smile:

Actually working on my pre sale stuff now for SDCC. Marvel has alot of stuff people like to buy … shirts, enamel pins, comics … etc etc.

Art for the 1:10 variant for issue 97, said to be the first time jennika wears the bandana, is out.


Image Comics

I wont lie, im digging the Spawn cover … then again i am a Spawn Fan. This is a Must have for My collection