SDCC items for sale

Yes, really shitty.


Anyone interested in the Kith marvel comic? I have 2 extras I’m looking to offload. I have them in mylars with fullbacks. All in great shape
kith comic.PNG

Were these related to the Kith X-Men Arcade 1Up cabinets?

These Kith comics were offered at the Marvel/Kith pop-up booth for their Sneakers.
If you fought your way onto the Sneaker line that was “capped” seemingly every second of every day, you were awarded an opportunity to also purchase maximum 5 of these Marvel Kith comics.

I finally hit it right at one moment of one day and finally was able to get into the line by shmoozing and hanging around.

Not trying to hijack the thread just curious if they were related, which seems to be.

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It was all one release, I think the arcade cabinets were ahead of the regular collection sale.

Those capped lines are ALL about shmoozing and timing. I remember in 2019 SDCC I walked into a line for Liefeld and CB Cebulski signing Major X #1 because the line cap guy walked away for a second and when he came back didn’t even pay attention and assumed I was already in the line. It was a ticketed event lol

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If I had a dime for every time I hear “Keep Moving” on the SDCC floor, I’d be a rich man

Wouldn’t have to flip comics. I wish there was a way to generate money Every time someone did something.

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SDCC book for sale, but not from convention itself… don’t kill the messenger.

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There are two covers for Conan #1 from SDCC You can find all their comic book listings here.

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Of all the comics I purchased on the SDCC fall, this foil Conan 1 was the one and only for me personally (i.e. not to sell)
And then Titan comics pulls this sh&t with solicitation for $6 less than what I paid on the SDCC floor?
Yea - that’s about as &^%$#y as a company can get.

What’s that old saying about buy what you like and you’ll always be happy? Well - I’m not happy.


That stinks. But figure we need to pay shipping and could be a break even.

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I think it comes with a disclaimer “void when it’s @Bill )

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You’d have your own booth making your own exclusives*

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Open a casino

What’s up everyone, I’m going through my SDCC bounties and picking some extra stuff I’m gonna list later on and thought I’d give CHU first dibs on stuff. The link has pictures of the books,

I keep em all in mylars with Fullback Gerber boards. all in excellent condition.

I’ll probably have more later on, but this is what I’m getting to list soon.

They might be expensive as I have no clue what any show stuff is trending for, but what would you want for SAVE NOW or the Emma Frost variant comic?

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Emma Frost

  • average sales are 44.71 (book + shipping); 35.77 shipped.

Save Now (Version 2 from the Tiki Party)

  • averaged post-sdcc sales as well but removed outliers (super high and low damaged books)
  • multi-copy lot sales were split by # of books
  • Average sales are 126.32 (book + shipping); 101.05 shipped

I’m averaging sales then deducting 20% from the average of sales for CHU discount

Great to know! I may pass for now as I get my funds sorted. I do like Emma Frost for sure tho!

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