SDCC items for sale

I have these items for sale. If anyone is interested in them let me know. US shipping only. Sorry…

First come first serve. Thank you.

Futurama Farm Fresh Eggs Pin Set - $25 shipped. (I have 3 available)

Funko Pop! Marvel Spider-Man Boxlunch Exclusive- $20 shipped. (Has 3 small dents as seen in pictures)

Dungeons & Dagons Diceling Figure - $15 shipped

Superman #51 foil variant LE of either 500 or 1000 copies. Not sure as this was for a CHU member but they decided not to get it after I already paid for it. So I am offering it to who ever else wants it. It was signed by Adam at the con. - $70 shipped


Cool stuff!

Going to add more stuff if people continue to back down from the sale lol.

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I expressed some interest in the DC offerings if you have any of those.

What do you mean? Did people ask you to pick up things, then flake out?

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Yeah, that’s kind of crappy. Maybe they deserve a smiting…


$hit happens. I just didnt want to stay with that Superman book after purchase. But hey all good. Someone would want it for their collection lol.

Learned my lesson. Only offer this to those who will commit to pay or ask for a down payment lol

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Yeah, when I saw how many items were on that request form…thinking in the future definitely need to have at least a down payment.

Also if there are multiple people willing to grab books, should divide and conquer so one person isn’t spending all their time chasing down exclusives.

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I saw the list when their was 4 or 6 items. I just got the stuff for the people who DM me. And all but 1 paid. So thank you all…


post their names

I had a sorta-friend who wanted me to take a comic for a creator to sign. I bought the book at a comic shop and took it to the show where I had it signed. He changed his mind after all my effort and me spending $60 or so after buying the book and paying for the sig. I don’t really talk to him much anymore as that irritated me.


Not going to post the name. It all good. It is what it is.

so the can screw over the next comic con mule ?

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Lol. No. Just going to ask for some $ up front before hand and ask what their maximum amount would be for that exclusive item.

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I think that is fair. It’s one thing If you’re picking up free or cheap stuff, but prices of exclusives nowadays it’s only fair to pay upfront.

Maybe future threads with offers to purchase at a convention should go in the lounge. More often than not it would be regulars in there.

Still interested in the Transformers Ashcan, just in case someone backed out. :slight_smile:

Or if you have any of the Marvel stuff, please let me know.

All Transformer’s copies have been claimed and shipped.


The request page was done in the lounge.

I didn’t even realize that. Still surprised that people who asked to have books purchased backed out.

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