Anyone know how much Lego charges for their exclusives?

My kids and I are big time Lego fans and noticed they have a new Stranger Things Barb minifig this year. We recently bought the Upside Down Lego set and wanted to get this minifig but after seeing the $300 asking price on eBay I thought I’d ask how much they cost to obtain at the Con? I get people are trying to offset their costs for the Con and their time so I’m just trying to gauge how much over retail I’d be paying. Not that I’d ever pay $300 but if the price drops I might consider such a crazy thing if I could establish the buy in price.

Thanks and have fun to all attending.

You want the brutal answer?


What u r paying for is that persons time that it took to wait in line and miss other exclusives.

I won the Lego lottery, the Lego set I’m buying costs $45. I marked it up to 300 on eBay.

Are you buying the Batman set?

I have 2 Batman’s, 1 storm trooper and 1 captain marvel set to pick up this week.

That Batman set looks real cool, but wayyy too expensive for what it is… I built the full Hogwarts set this year, so I just can’t justify the $300+ asking on the Batman 80 year celebration set - gotta watch my price per brick!

LEGO con exclusives sell really well on the secondary market, so if you can’t be there and buy at retail, you will more than likely pay double or more for them afterwards.

They hold thier value through time. Sdcc Lego exclusives are a commodity for toy collectors. That’s why the mini figures rise in value so much. If you gamble that the purchase u made now will be worth far more in a few years then that’s the gamble. But u only risked 20$ .

You and I would probably never spend that sort of money on a Lego set. But the toy collector will. Maybe not now, but definitely later. Think of it like comics. You have a run of Batman. Yet your missing issue xxx. That issue is 300$, so u hold out and hold out and the price goes up and then ur like screw it and pull the trigger and buy it.

Yeah I get it, the “itch” is a powerful force of the darkside.

Yes, LEGO’s do hold their value. Normal sets I now buy for myself or kid, if I have the extra money, I’ve been buying two sets at a time. There will be a time the unopened unused set will double in value so it works out later on I got my set for free, maybe even make some profit by flipping later on.

Thanks everyone for the replies. Guess I’ll just wait for Barb in a future Stranger Things set. Of course that’s if they keep producing that theme.

Yeah, I’m not even going to bother with the exclusive mini-figures. I might buy a set if I really want one but the minifigures are usually so limited, the secondary market really pushes their value up. I can’t justify buying a 3 piece lego for hundreds… I can live without them!

I agree.

I’d much rather drop $200 for a Star Wars UCS set or a second Upside Down set. Just thought I’d ask and see how “exclusive” these were.

I caved a few weeks back and bought the Upside Down set… I haven’t started it yet but it looks awesome.