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Alright, for those who were able to get to SDCC and have some news on what is going on with comics, movies and TV or just heard some juicy rumors let’s hear it! Show me what you got!

dc dropped a naomi 1 sdcc edition


Dang. But it is a second printing.

Yeah but if it’s limited, could see some :fire::fire::fire:

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Did I read correctly? I thought I saw on Key collector that CHU is reporting Excellence by Image will be optioned but I haven’t seen that on here anywhere yet?

We plead the 5th… the article was retracted. :wink:

This just goes to show how little information KCC needs to send out an‘alert’. Was it really necessary, KCC, to send an alert out that has information based off of a retracted article. KCC is a blood sucker and should not be trusted. They sent out an ‘alert’, two weeks ago, reporting that Star was going to make her debut in CM10. She showed up in CM8. I hope you all dont give your money to that grifter app.

PM me… :wink:

I could’ve sworn I saw an article that then disappeared. Don’t want you guys in trouble so I understand if you can’t say anything else!

The I plead the 5th should be all one should know… :wink:

Once something is posted to the internet…it’s out there forever…can’t put the toothpaste back into the tube!

Marvel’s own write up for #9 says she’s in that one.

Being Captain Marvel has been the greatest joy of Carol Danvers’ life. But a new hero is rising to the limelight - just as Carol’s own powers begin to fail her. With everyone now believing she’s a Kree traitor, Carol can’t help but wonder…does the world even need Captain Marvel?

#10’s write up even says she’s in that one pretty much confirming that she was already in 9.

It’s official: New hero STAR is in and CAPTAIN MARVEL is out!

When in doubt read the free literature they provided. It takes a lot of the guessing out. #8 Was the start of the new story arc and the word STAR was used again in that write up like a clue especially when reading the write ups for 9 and 10 prior to 8 arriving. How does a spec ap miss by 3 issues when it’s in writing that it is happening earlier?

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Key collector Comics is not perfect and you do need to do your own research I have purchased a few items that turned out to be wrong based on key collector Comics but nine times out of 10 is on the money and i made many more positive purchases thanks to his app than negative ones…you just have to look a little bit deeper sometimes…it more than evens iut

I wouldn’t complain if Nick (KCC) is driving people to this site and using CHU as a source; especially if CHU actually did have an article up reporting what he said.

To each their own, @djregulus, and I hold no judgment towards anyone who uses it. But, I think CHU has more integrity than to be appreciative of receiving traffic from a reckless app. That is just my opinion. :beers:

I’m on a avoid whatever weekly top 10,20. I rather shop for books 50 other people aren’t hunting currently. I use them as a reference pretty much have everything old that will be on them, I’ll let some moderns and variants pass me by and maybe revisit them in a year or two. For instance I just got the 1:25 1st Redtool for $6 a couple weeks ago that was the hot book of that week when it came out pulling $50 +

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I’ve been using KCC for almost a year now. As a new collector it has been the best tool that I have found. Like an updated digital Overstreet. Unfortunately not everyone in this business is honest and this is a good way to see if Inhumans #5 is really selling for $50 or if someone is trying to make a quick buck off you. Now I cant afford to run out and buy every comic on the “spec deck” , but its most helpful while digging through long boxes and $ racks. Now I know that @jcLu doesn’t like the app at all, but thats the great thing about living in the good ole US of A is that we can have our own opinions. I might not agree with him but I respect his opinion. Take $2, get a month subscription and form your own opinion.( I dont work for Nick or KCC so hopefully I cant in trouble for saying that or from CHU). Anyway thats my 2 cents worth.

Being a price guide is fine. But that is not what that app is. Guides reflect the action in the market. They should not be telling you what ‘might’ be moving in value. By sending out alerts about stuff that isn’t recognized in the community (eg Alerting that Star is debuting in CM10, Eg2, sending out an alert about Challenger that nobody has quite figured out why), they are attempting to manipulate the market, recklessly, for their own gain. Alana pointed out that there a ton of cheaps sales of Avengers 679 the day before the ‘alert’ went out. Shady.
The concept of the app was brilliant. The execution was/is dishonest and reckless. I have seen Nick talk to creators to help push their books (eg Rags).

Yes. It can be a sketchy industry. And Nick is one of the dishonest people. When they send an ‘alert’, is the book ‘hot’ because of a natural reason? Or is it ‘hot’ because Nick said it was ‘hot’. The former would give reason to believe in the book long term, while the latter will fizzle out, fast. Every alert, no matter if it’s accurate or not, is manipulating the market. Nick is aware that what he sends out is influential among a sect of our hobby, and he uses that knowledge for his gain, at the expense of his subs.
There is nothing that that app alerts too, that is not already out there for free. I say save yourself your money and dont listen to an app as to what to invest in. It is fine that we have different opinions on this, and Im not arguing with you @Wheat. Cheers.

Covrprice puts out a weekly newsletter that (tries) to show whats shaking in our hobby. This is the way kcc should be as well. They should reflect what is happening in the hobby, not telling the hobby what should be happening.

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Well said JcLu. There’s just been too many incidents with KCC to question their true motives at times. The concept of the app is brilliant but poorly executed. An app that claims they’re neutral on “key” books seems to invest an awful lot in some books.

CHU is like Covrprice, we report what’s moving and shaking for the most part as well. We report news from mostly verified resources and even then we always tell readers to check sources, take it with a grain of salt.

We’ll never push books for our own gain (heck, I give away hot books when I could sell them… Captain Marvel #8 anyone?). The only pushing I suppose we can say we do is our speculative picks each week in what we think could have potential based on gut feeling, already spoiled leaks, etc.

We all know that anything ‘put out’ by any online source will have some affect on the market. That is just the way things are, for better or worse. I feel that CHU does it a transparent way, while that app is manipulative and reckless with the info they give, and they are reckless with its delivery. M2c.