SDCC Peach Momoko Exclusive Variant

Just posted on the site. They are $10 each.

You can order directly from Titan here


Do these really do as well as regular covers? I have bought SDCC before but never really saw the ‘value’ appreciation. Whereas, buying a cover A/B on the right comic book in pre-order can really add a bang for the buck.

Thanks for the heads up. Ordered!

Exclusives can be worth significantly more then cover A. They can also be worth less. Lots of factors.

The print run for an exclusive will be significantly less then cover A. Especially a book like this one which has been getting pub for a while before FOC.

A couple recent examples for you…the virgin exclusive for the Greg Horn cover for Venom 25 will run you $90-100. Cover A is $10-15.

Star Wars Adventures Clone Wars 1 - the Frankies Comics exclusive Yoda cover will run you about $150. The cover A is cover price.

Now that isn’t always the case, but a couple recent examples.

Yeah. Exclusives can whipsaw in different ways. I am not a huge fan of Peach, but buy for the investment. I also ordered her Horizon Zero Dawn #3 cover A. This cover is much better than the SDCC one IMO.

be careful with this book, last year titan did the blade runner virgin for sdcc, and than a month later made it open order on diamond

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For me it is a flip. They are listed on eBay more than double cost already.

Thanks Tony placed an order. Getting an extra to flip. Should I list now or wait?

Another Peach added to the collection. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Oh I always wait especially if they come in damaged.

No advertised print run for sdcc variants mean they are open order. If it had a limited print run it would be advertised.

And double bad the book has a FCBD this week so not even a first appearance in #1