Second Sight Publishing

I run a twitter account where I post comics that are sold out online at Midtown Comics.

A lot of Second Sights books have sold out this week and they noticed my tweets. They gave me a contact for their distribution/marketing manager and told me to spread the word to contact him if anyone can’t get a copy of whatever they want. Didn’t give me any details on shipping costs.

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Pump n dump

That’s actually nice, I think.

How so? That way I won’t post this kind of stuff in the future

@monopolyjackson is just accusing the publisher of that, I think. Not you. Please share stuff.

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Nobody buys their comics to read.

According to?

The books were already sold out online at midtown before they made that post.

Sounds like they’re offering books directly through them instead of people buying copies at over inflated prices. Getting them in the hands of people that actually want to read and check them out.

I read their stuff! I like weird indie titles tho. You’re being so cynical, @monopolyjackson, and that’s coming from me!

A lot of their books seem cheesy but there’s a few I’ve intended on reading that looked cool.

I do, they put out some decent horror comics

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