Secret Invasion Disney+ show

Invaders #7 (1975 series) is Union Jack’s first appearance, but that book has been hot at times over that past half decade or so. Doubt there are any more dollar bin finds for this one.

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It can’t be that Union Jack he already appeared in the MCU in Captain America First Avenger WW2 times. The second Union Jack Invaders #19-#21 is the son and Union Jack for the majority of all Union Jack comic appearances but with the gender swap probably all duds.

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We need a Union Jack-verse.


If I remember there is a female Villain Union Jack in the United States Of Captain America you jogged my memory with the verse comment. But it’s just Sin as Captain America looking like Union Jack.

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No, it won’t be “that” Union Jack…That one is just his first as a character… I mean with the multi verse who knows who will appear. Like Kevin said with the actresses age there will probably be a passing of the torch if Union Jack is used more. Probably Chapman but who knows. Invaders #7 would be for those who just want the first of the character. It is also the first Barron Blood which if I remember correctly is why it heated up the first time a while back. At this point I wouldn’t go too big on Union Jack spec. As always if any firsts of a potential character being used in the MCU or versions of that character can be found cheap, go for it but not at high or high-ish prices for this one right now.

captain america #253 is first for joey chapman, all black cover is a hard high grade.

wasn’t henry cavil rumored to be capt Britain a while back? i wonder if they switched it to union jack instead since we all ready have capt america and capt carter

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We still may get Capt Britain at some point, but I would think after Captain Carter is played out a bit. That cap #243 is tough to get in high grade due to the dark color. Not impossible but not easy.

not Union Jack…but possibly Spitfire

I’m intrigued by this hypothesis. What makes you believe she may play this role?

I’d dismiss @monopolyjackson suggesting Spitfire, but then I paused and thought about how she’s a vampire, right? Maybe a tie-in with Blade could happen that way. Aliens and vampires and more…

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So they already “crossed over” with Sony and prior film francises…as well as various A-list characters appearing in each other’s movies…

Short of DC or some other franchise (Star Wars, alien, etc.) What bridge is left to “cross”?

Daisy Johnson Quake from Agents of Shield is coming to the MCU @davidbitterbaum :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Will likely be new shield director. Like the comic. Hope they use same actress for aphra.

I refuse to ever acknowledge Agents of Shield as, “Counting.” The Netflix shows can count, even Inhumans can count, but never AOS! If it ever happens I owe you a soda.


Nice!! Liking the vibe and tone!!

Damn that looks GOOD !

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So much for Meet the Skrulls. I started to fall in love with that idea… This looks pretty damn good though.

It’s a curse knowing the source material is basically thrown out. I wasn’t expecting to see the Fantastic Four or Skrull Cows. The comic was epic and the skrulls had replaced basically all the superheroes but I didn’t see any superheroes. I have felt for awhile that the MCU was getting stale.