Secret Invasion Disney+ show

what if she isn’t going to be Jessica drew and they just make her someone else. Not like the MCU hasn’t changed up established comic stories before

I sold my 2nd print of New Avengers 40 a couple of weeks ago. Maybe I should’ve waited? Then again, I got more than they are currently even going for (the person wanted one in an absurdly high grade which I had and I gave them a discount on other stuff as it was a bundle deal) so I could still snatch one up and have a profit. Hrm.

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Interesting how they deciphered the text.

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That’s a lot of stretching and assuming in that article not something you usually see from that website

The biggest problem they have if they want to make the Skrulls evil in this series it’s going to make Carol Danvers look just as evil as Thanos as she would be responsible for this attempted world domination because of her actions in Captain Marvel.

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Yeah, but doesn’t everybody already hate MCU’s Carol Danvers already? :rofl: (FWIW, I actually don’t… but I seem to be in the minority, so…)

Yeah…she’d be more interesting turning bad.

I thought the show wasn’t making Skrulls as a whole evil, though? I assumed it would be like a evil offshoot group and the good Skrulls work with Nick Fury to stop the bad ones? Maybe?

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My thoughts exactly.

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So there’s another possible character Emilia Clarke could be playing… G’iah

This is the 3rd character that “scoopers” say she is playing… lol

Its gonna go badly for speculators.


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Well, meet the Skrulls #1 is probably a good book to have regardless.


It was a great read and has spec value.


Anyone think we’ll get Secret Warriors ?

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Oh man, we are going to see soooo much moving forward. Secret Warriors is a good guess though.

Genderbent Union Jack

given actresses age, id imagine she will be passing the torch to chapman