Secret Wars #1 McKone - Miles Morales

@D-Rog post about the Shattered Variant made me recall the Secret Wars #1 McKone variants that have Miles Morales homage to Spider-Man #1.

Since all things Miles Morales are on fire right now, could be one of those variants that are still tucked away in long boxes at their original ratio price that could be a quick flip for those who got them. Not a lot are listed and the regular color is selling better than the red cover (which is still available at Midtown).

I missed this one. What a cool cover for the color one.

Damn, those are gorgeous covers, imo. I had no idea they existed. I must own those for my McFarlane swipe collection.

I always thought the McKone variants were store variants. Comicxposure or whatnot

Are they? Maybe Midtown was offloading them… I don’t recall what happened yesterday so a couple years back… meh…

Ah, it was Legacy Comics exclusive

Well, that’s better than Comixposure… :wink:

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If that is the case, then they aren’t so nice now. Comicxposure :face_vomiting: