Sell or Hold

2nd print eh either, sell, hold, hold, sell

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Personally, I would not consider selling a 9.8 Spider-Gwen until she gets announced for a movie. She and Miles are almost sure to show up in the MCU at some point.


I would keep all that but the hell arisen

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Not sure I would sell any of those right now. With the exception of Spider-Man 300 and Venom being in movies right now all of those should have future tv/movie announcements and you stand to make a lot more money down the road. Hellboy especially is a super cold key and it’s a buyers market for his stuff.

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This is the age old question - are you a collector first or investor first? Investors maximize profit. Collector display in cases for the long haul.

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Unless you need to sell or there is a key you want more I would hold on to all of them right now.

Hell Arisen = Hold

HA3 was one of the only books I bought as 9.8 slabbed right after it came out.

I think Punchline has a long and bright future ahead of her. Unless you wanna upgrade it to a 9.8. jmho.

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Alana can you elaborate on why you think Hell Arisen is a sell? Unless you’re thinking of upgrading to a 9.8, but we’re seeing 9.6s moving up as well.

Hell Arisen caught a lot of people by surprise, low print run, 1st appearance of popular character. Seems like a long term hold to me. Actually I feel spec wise this is a layup.

There’s a ton of new DC characters that I don’t know if they will ever show up on screen, Sunny, Heartless, Flatline, Quiz, etc etc. Punchline I’m absolutely positive will show up at some point and be a major character. If it does Hell Arisen will be a modern grail imo. I’m holding Hell Arisen all day every day but you’re much smarter than me so I want to hear your take.

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Punchline will likely show up in an animated DC movie at some point

Because it’s a second printing with the same cover as the first printing, so yes Hell arisen caught people off guard but the 2nd print did not.


Whoops didn’t notice it was a second printing. :rofl:

True, but it should go up in value as well. But the 1st print is the one to get. Only danger is I can see some argument for HA3 becoming a cameo since she hardly appears in it.

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