Selling and Replacing

Just looking to pick the collective brain here.
I hadn’t noticed until today how prevalent this theme was in my collection until looking through the box today, but over the last few years, I’ve gotten in the habit of selling off comics when they are at a peak, but then buying back a dogshit, rag of a copy after it’s heat dies down to keep in the PC if it’s a book I wasn’t to keen on selling.
Anyone else do this, or is condition too big of a factor?

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I want to do this, but don’t exactly have a setup where I can follow each issue to get it again later.

I’m the opposite I’m usually selling my old copy at peak and buying my upgrade before peak.

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It’s definitely not every book. Something that I liked a lot, but the price was too good not to sell, that I’ll look for a cheap shit copy to replace.

Wait What?

Doesn’t that mean you have a Time Machine? Buying your upgrade copy before the peak then selling your old copy…when the peak arrives?

I’ve sold stuff when it is hot and then picked it back up when it cools off–often in a worse condition if I just want it to have/read. You’re not alone, @TheRedCollar.

I buy my upgrade copy before I sell the other when the times right.

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Books can have multiple peaks over time as well.


Like a fun rollercoaster except more terrifying as your keys go up and down in value.