Selling Manga on the secondary market

I haven’t really considered it personally and apart from watching the standard Naruto & Dragon ball when I was younger anything Manga/Anime hasn’t really scratched that itch
So does anyone have any experience selling anything on the secondary? Is it worth it? Or are they just too over produced :thinking:

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I got good money for my entire Bleach run. I think I got a bit more than cover price.

Unless the Manga is made into an anime, there really isn’t much profit on them.

I remember going to FYE buying my niece like 25 Inuyasha DVDS like at $3-5 each. She ended up watching them, taking them to a Used bookstore and getting almost $250 for that entire lot.

I never got in to it, but I always look at the Manga section for Street Fighter books, some are hard to come by.

I’m learning the OOP print regular novelization book game.
I bought Predator: a Novel for $8, and Predator #2 A Novel for $3 the other day, my friend asked why if I had seen the movies. 1st of all, love the books better because we get in to the heads of the characters. What they are thinking, feeling, etc. 2nd Reason I got it… well the first book is pushing $700 on Amazon, the 2nd book goes on Amazon for over $140…

Here is my small review on Predator a Novel -

Lots of Friday the 13 paperbacks also command high dollar sale prices.
I’m bummed about Star Wars Books at the Goodwill. Every Friday I’d go and buy some books and always plenty, but EVERY goodwill, and used bookstores, star Wars books have dried up…
I got lucky with 2 Legacy books though. You can read the Story here…


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Inuyasha is a good Anime and good Manga.

My wife has a Cowboy Bebop DVD signed by Steve Blum the DVD without being signed goes for good money.

To tell you that I also uses to buy individual DVDs of Dragon Ball Z for $5 and used to sell them on CL for $15-$20. Those deals don’t exist anymore. Anime dvds are expensive now.


You cant do the same with manga as they are usually first printed in mega-sized anthologies, but a few of my friends and I have been CGC slabbing Hong Kong manhwa which are the same size as the US comics or US magazines. We think that all it takes for the market to take off is one giant sale of the Action #1 equivalent i.e. Little Rascals #1.

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I’m hopefully travelling east Asia later on this year if they open up so I’ll be hitting up Japan and HK so what books/products does everyone recommend to look for?

You are going to need help with an expert as it is a minefield for Hong Kong manhwa, with reprints galore. And the first print Little Rascals #1 is already a tiny five figure sum if you can find one. More about the Little Rascals (renamed Dragon Tiger Gate from Issue #99 here:

The other key is World Painting Collection # 5 which features the first appearance of Wind and Cloud, of Stormraiders fame (image of the first appearance issue here:風雲_(漫畫)?fbclid=IwAR2fzZ8CabuQP1yV7FGNhHgHOyS4MIpO6zY3Q31OMC3GL1CNjOJhayOvBSM).

The real gems are the original art pages which are not sold openly due to the publication houses tight grip on them.

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Estar Guars :slight_smile: