Selling Superman


Great story @D-Rog

I’ve seen some Reddit posts about this. Folks seem evenly split between thinking it is a cool story worth telling and half thinking the family was mad at their dad for his, “Hoarding,” and only now are happy that upon his death they see he was actually amassing an amazing collection. I myself hope the documentary touches upon the complex feeling the family must have as the wife literally divorced the husband over his obsessive collecting and now they’re rich thanks to it. Quite a tale.

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@davidbitterbaum watch the trailer. It covers everything, including the brother who is autistic, I believe. Dad had Asperger’s which lead to the hoarding.

Not far from me and some of the folks involved in the buying/selling are known to me.
It’s definitely a story that seems to have been dramatized a bit for overall hype effect.
I mixed thoughts on it myself but it certainly is newsworthy and fascinating.

I didn’t know a trailer had dropped. I just saw some news reports. I’ll give it a gander.

Except for the stupid name a great article. I mean if you want to honor someone use their actual name on the collection instead of an online handle.

Other comics in the collection with a FANTAST label include a Superman #1 graded CGC 7.0, an Incredible Hulk #1 graded CGC 7.5, an Amazing Fantasy #15 graded CGC 5.5, an X-men #1 graded CGC 7.0, a Daredevil #1 graded CGC 8.0, Amazing Spider-Man #1 graded CGC 8.0 and a Tales of Suspense #39 graded CGC 7.5.

Darren Watts is selling the comics in hopes of recovering some of the costs associated with their storage and appraisal.

Just selling one should cover any and all storage and grading fees.


I wonder if he was so secretive due to concerns for theft.

Watch the video. He has like a super secure vault he keeps them in. Bet that thing cost a ton.

This is a long interview, but fascinating imo.
Changes my thoughts on the situation for the better.

I’d love to have a book from this pedigree someday… wouldn’t even matter what book.

Another interesting thing I’ve learned . There are quite a few dealers who purchased a significant number of books from this collection BEFORE it was given it’s pedigree. So, some beautiful books (most graded) but no definitive way to prove they came from there other than word of mouth.

I would think there would be some real regret from buyers relative to that. Maybe the pedigree wouldn’t matter but all the same.

To the right buyer it would. Just takes more time to find that buyer

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I personally want a book from the pedigree. The thing is I want either the graded label or the certificate (that they have created to go with the books).
It’s not that I don’t trust the vendors who are selling the books they bought from the collection prior to the pedigree being established but it’s just not the same ( to me anyway).
Now, if they can retroactively supply the certificate, etc… that’s also different.