September 2023 Catalog Highlights

New #1’s

Count Crowley Returns

Archie Horror

New Tynion series

GI Joe kicks off at Skybound/Image

Notable Reprints

For the Cover

Ones to Watch
New Character The Omen

New Punisher

Fallen One (Silver Surfer Black) returns

New Sentry story begins

Superior Spider-Man returns and New Villain

New brain eating Symbiote


I haven’t read the Last Ronin books, but those new Turtles are the kids on the cover of TMNT Lost Years Director’s Cut 1:10, right?

@Pluc yup, that is them

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So, those TMNT The Last Ronin books are the first in comic format? I want the 1st/1st full app Casey Marie Jones from #1 and baby turtles from #5.

I believe only the first series was larger format. The subsequent series have been comics

that 1:10 will be the money book, if the new kids stick around and become something

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They are supposed to be the next generation, all they need is a show appearance.

What ? You sayin’ these arent the money books…???


lol, i passed on those since none are issue 1 the 1st app

They arent teenagers until issue #5. They are just MNTs until then.

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Baby Mutant Ninja Turtles? BMNT?

Issue #4 of Lost Years they are called PMNT, Pre-teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Yeah, they are BMNT in one issue. You see them grow up. My point is that the teenager version is the most important… right?

I like the Silent Night, Deadly Night allusion in The Deviant. Had to preorder that one along with all the Turtles books. Thanks for compiling this list, Anthony.

my pleasure

The TMNT Re-Evolution is Prestige Format (magazine-size)

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I am absolutely thrilled that dc is putting out all these golden age facsimiles! Looks like they’re a big hit with people like me so now they’re pumping them out a few every month.


Yeh, Marvel Silver Age and DC Golden age facsimiles are awesome. I have picked up like 98% of them.


Unless it’s a classic, I’m only going with foils. But seems like my favorites have all been foils anyway.

A Facs is one comic I don’t mind paying over $3.99 for a foil.

Why are these Boom BSE variants so expensive? Are they signed/limited?

better question whats bse?

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