September Previews 2021 - Marvel Spotlight Books

Previews gives us a glimpse of what’s to come. Here’s the spotlight new books (and some trade/hardcovers/omnibuses) coming out of September Previews for Marvel…

Like the previous months, let’s just go ahead and get all those Star Wars War of the Bounty Hunters and Tie-Ins out of the way since these are all musts for the most part and throw in a few other Star Wars titles we all know we’ll be picking up.

Star Wars #19 (War of the Bounty Hunters):

Star Wars Bounty Hunters #18:

Star Wars Darth Vader #18:

Star Wars Doctor Aphra #16:

Star Wars Crimson Reign #1:

Star Wars Life Day #1:

Amazing Fantasy #5 (of 5) is another home run just for the regular cover alone. These have been great thus far.

Amazing Fantasy #5 (of 5) (Andrews Variant)

Amazing Fantasy #5 (of 5)

Is it bad for me to be excited again for Amazing Spider-Man now that Spencer is off writing duties? I really dig this regular cover for Amazing Spider-Man #78. Really hoping these various writers kicking off these after the big anniversary issue are great reads.

Amazing Spider-Man #78 (Shalvey Miles Morales 10th Variant)
Amazing Spider-Man #78 (Beyond Momoko Variant)
Amazing Spider-Man #78 (Beyond)
Amazing Spider-Man #78 (Liefeld Deadpool 30th Anniv Variant)

Amazing Spider-Man #78

Previews goes on to cover Amazing Spider-Man #79 and Amazing Spider-Man #80.

Amazing Spider-Man #79

Amazing Spider-Man #80

Avengers #50 celebrates the legacy #750. I really love the classic retro looking regular cover.

Lots of variants for this one so go light and pick the covers you like best.

Avengers #50 (Infinity Saga Phase One Variant)
Avengers #50 (Ron Lim Variant)
Avengers #50 (Carnero Stormbreakers Variant)
Avengers #50 (Martin Variant)
Avengers #50 (Caselli Variant)
Avengers #50 (McGuinness Variant)
Avengers #50 (Liefeld Deadpool 30th Variant)

Avengers #50

Black Widow #13 continues with the awesome Hughes covers.

Black Widow #13 (Momoko Variant)

Black Widow #13

I’m hoping this new Cap and Iron Man team up is a good read with Captain America Iron Man #1 (of 5).

Captain America Iron Man #1 (of 5) (Gleason Stormbreaker Variant)
Captain America Iron Man #1 (of 5) (Clarke Infinity Saga Variant)
Captain America Iron Man #1 (of 5) (Kubert Infinity Saga Variant)

Captain America Iron Man #1 (of 5)

I guess we’ll find out this week if Dark Ages is worthy or not but here’s to banking it is so we can pre-order Dark Ages #3 (of 6).

Dark Ages #3 (of 6) (Okazaki Variant)

Dark Ages #3 (of 6)

I love a good Black Bolt title. I think this character has so much potential but it seems Marvel just kind of half asses the usage.

Darkhold Black Bolt #1 is a new book but one-shot I’m looking forward to as a Black Bolt fan.

Darkhold Black Bolt #1 (Casanovas Connecting Variant)

Darkhold Black Bolt #1

I like Kate Bishop as Hawkeye so I’m all in for the new title Hawkeye #1 (of 5). Just wish it wasn’t a mini-series and perhaps an ongoing series.

Hawkeye #1 (of 5) (Noto Variant)

Hawkeye #1 (of 5)

Hulk #1 gets a reboot with Cates now on writing duties. Are we gonna see the same spec success that Cates brings along with his writing of titles or something completely opposite? Judging from the past, whether you like his writing or not, we’ve all made money flipping his titles so this one is definitely one to watch closely.

Hulk #1 (Momoko Variant)
Hulk #1 (Infinity Saga Phase 1 Variant)
Hulk #1 (Blank Variant)
Hulk #1 (Jurgens Variant)
Hulk #1 (Artist Variant)

Hulk #1

Hoping that Death of Doctor Strange #3 (of 5) isn’t the typical death story title. If it comes anywhere close to how the Death of Captain Marvel was written, this could end up being great.

Death of Doctor Strange #3 (of 5) (Artist A Variant)

Death of Doctor Strange #3 (of 5)

And Death of Doctor Strange leads us to Death of Doctor Strange White Fox #1 which it seems some have been gobbling up the firsts of White Fox, anticipating maybe now a bigger role in the Marvel Universe. Probably not a bad idea…

Death of Doctor Strange White Fox #1 (Momoko Variant)
Death of Doctor Strange White Fox #1 (Inhyuk Lee Variant)

Death of Doctor Strange White Fox #1

Kang the Conqueror #4 (of 5) is another title on my pick up and read list.

Kang the Conqueror #4 (of 5) (Cafu Variant)

Kang the Conqueror #4 (of 5)

I just love this cover for Defenders #4 (of 5).

Defenders #4 (of 5)

Another type of title and books we should pay attention to goes to Marvels Voices Indigenous Voices 2021 #1. I have a feeling we’ll be reading and seeing a whole lot more of the characters coming out of these in the not so distant future.

Marvels Voices Indigenous Voices 2021 #1 (Terry Variant)
Marvels Voices Indigenous Voices 2021 #1 (Wolf Nahm Variant)
Marvels Voices Indigenous Voices 2021 #1 (Mack Variant)
Marvels Voices Indigenous Voices 2021 #1 (Artist B Variant)

Marvels Voices Indigenous Voices 2021 #1

The Thing #1 gets his own title once again. Not sure how I feel about this though. I’ve never really been into this character and always felt he makes a better supporting cast type of character, not your own title type of character. Regardless, I’m truly anticipating to see the Bermejo variant though, who’s been doing mostly DC covers. I would totally welcome him to the Marvel team of doing covers.

The Thing #1 (Bermejo Variant)
The Thing #1 (Nauck Headshot Variant)

The Thing #1

Here’s to hoping Thor #19 starts picking back up with more interest.

Thor #19 (Asrar Variant)
Thor #19 (Lupacchino Infinity Saga Phase 1 Variant)

Thor #19

Another pick just for the cover goes to X-Men Legends #9 (Andrews Variant).

X-Men Legends #9 (Andrews Variant)

As a Moon Knight fan, this one is a must with Moon Knight #5. Even if you aren’t reading or a fan, you gotta appreciate the McNiven covers on this series so far.

Moon Knight #5 (Wolf Native American Heritage Variant)
Moon Knight #5 (Wolf Nahm Variant)

Moon Knight #5

Miles Morales Spider-Man #32 is a character and title everyone should just be picking up from now on. One day Miles is gonna be the main Spider-Man I think and you’ll want all these books in your collection.

Miles Morales Spider-Man #32 (Anka Variant)

Miles Morales Spider-Man #32


I’m tagging out of Amazing Fantasy. Great covers, but the story isn’t great (or good), and I don’t see anything speccy coming from this. Lots of other good titles on the horizon though as you pointed out!

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