Serial #1 Color Variations

Ok. First off this book is doing pretty well. Selling for on average $15. Not bad (and just one of several books that came out this week selling for 5x cover).

Anyway. I went out doing some comic picking and grabbed copies at two different stores. Even if my copies do not sell on eBay or Mercari I am ok owning multiple copies of a low print Indy book by Terry Moore.

So on to the point. I have noticed color variations among the copies I bought.

You can see in some the logo is red while in others the logo is more orange. In some the background is more purple while in others the background Is more blue. And finally in the blood on the ground some is more vibrant while others it is more muted.

Not saying one is more rare or that this makes any copies special, but it is definitely there and very noticeable

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I snagged some copies off an online retailer. Will be curious to see when I get mine in, which should be soon as they shipped already.

Probably one is beginning of printing and the other end of printing?

I also got 2 copies for the same reason. It’s a Terry Moore book.

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Most likely. But I know these things can go nuts when brought up.

True. I remember for the ASM 700 issue, some had a red line on some pages.

Mine is like the one on the left. I got this book and Rachel Rising #2 at the same time actually :slight_smile:

Analog from Image comics had the same thing on the covers. I had some that were blue with others that looked almost purple. Even with a media option I believe, still all worthless… :wink: