Setting the right price on ebay

I decided to sell my collection on ebay however I am struggling with setting the right selling price.

What is the best approach? It seems if you set the price too low, sometimes it doesn’t always sell, while other times a higher price for the same book sell faster.

any insights are appreciated.

I generally just set a buy it now price that I’m willing to accept and let it roll. If it doesn’t sell and you need the cash, that is up to you. Just be sure each price is what you are willing to let it go for and there will be no love lost :wink:

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If it’s an entire collection, do an auction with a reserve you are willing to let it go at as well. You win if it sells. You still win if it doesn’t sell cause you didn’t sell lower than what you’re willing to let it go at.


But don’t get too greedy or overprice such types of sales. You have to imagine, selling to a shop, they’re gonna offer you 50% or less of what they think the value is as a lot of product they’ll sit in for a while, etc.

If you have good stuff I’ll buy it and skip the fees :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That’s true, if you got a full collection, feel free to throw up a list of what you’re selling here on the CHU forums in the For Sale section, one of us moderators will review and approve, you can skip all the listing fees if you get someone to buy directly from you.

Even keys often sell for way less when included in a set on ebay. I bought full runs of Nextwave as it was cheaper than buying issue 1 by itself. Same with Inhumans, was cheaper buying the run instead of issue 5 by itself.

The most likely reason was less pics of the key issue in the set so people assumed lower grade although the runs were NM+. The idea is including non-keys with keys gets you less for the keys so often better off giving away the non-keys instead of including with keys on ebay.

If selling on ebay a non key lot + a key lot may work out best.

This applies almost everywhere. Full lot sales are forcing buyers to buy things they might not even want.

I had this issue long ago when selling a bunch of computer stuff I obtained. If I sold the server as is, it would sell for $200 but if I stripped it of all it’s main parts, I could sell the memory for $200, the CPU for $100 to $200, the Motherboard in it for $100, the Hard Drives for $50 each and even the power supplies in some would fetch $20 to $80 each.

So if you’re selling a collection and you really want to maximize your profit or money coming in, yank out all the key issues that are worth way more to sell individually and then sell the lot as is for what you’re willing to let it go for at.

Also make sure the best keys are on the first page of ebay, a Tomb of Dracula 13 was included in a $50 for 50 comics lot I bought a while back along with other great books because the 1st page had mostly non keys. They were going by alphabetical order and the Amazing Spider-Man were mostly nothing special.

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thanks for the advice, I am going to organize the comics and pull out all the key books and come up with a list.

Except for key comics, photos are less important for large lots. Buyers prefer a list of titles, issue numbers and grades so they can calculate how much to bid. Stating Overstreet total value saves buyers time.