"Sexy" Comic Speculation, Opinions?

I have one friend who collects some comics with sexy covers and has his own little online comic-business (he sells at local shows too) where a lot of his profits come from selling books with sexy covers. Zenescope is his biggest one but he has done a bit with, “Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose,” and even some of the super-raunchy Boundless books (which I have mentioned having a soft-spot for as they actually are at times full of quite good stories).

I have dabbled in sexy-comic speculation a little bit and wondered what everyone’s opinion is on it? It seems to be a niche-within-a-niche of comic speculation that many people don’t openly talk about due to some folk being self-conscious of enjoying comics with sexy covers. Some of them seem to make serious bank however.

it may not be a sense of shame so much as not wanting to have to deal with certain groups of people.

those groups make a huge deal of things over social media until a company makes the changes they “want”…but don’t seem to ever buy anything to support those changes, while the fans of sexy art actually buy things.

I once bought a collection that had a long box of those type of books (and also a box of pretty graphic horror type books). I brought them to a show & couldn’t believe how popular they were. They all sold quickly & the folks raved about how happy they were to see/find it. I can’t say those folks fit any pattern/demographic either.

Made $2200 flipping these limited to 350, I had 25 of the 350 copies. Kept one for myself as well.

Only Sexy book I’ve specd on. I forget which book it was non canon but it had Boba crawling out the Sarlac pit with nothing but the helmet and that’s when you found out Boba is girl. So based off that I knew there was a bit of a following for female Boba Fett and was able to get a good amount from one shop in California.

well stated!

I think these can be really hit or miss, it’s tough to spec on. most publishers also charge a heavy premium for sexy or naughty covers so finding profit can be a challenge too. nothing wrong with it though and more power to you if you know what works.

Side note - i have read several zenescope books where i have liked the writing and interior art too! that always helps

Interesting observations, all.

I think my friend who deals a lot in Zenescope has a special account that makes it a lot cheaper to buy them in bulk and then sell them while still making a profit–because, as was pointed out, the racier covers often cost more.

And yes, Devildog, I’ve noticed fans of sexy-covers seem to be a wide range of individuals, men and women, multiple races, views, and so forth with the main unifying feature being liking well-done art with sex-appeal. I recall reading once about 40% of the readership of, “Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose,” is actually female despite stereotypes about how it is just big-breasted witches. I think the Wicca aspect is what draws in a lot of female readers as I have female friends who love anything Wicca and could picture them being into a comic with that theme.