Shadecraft 1 TFAW Exclusive Limited to 500

Pre-orders live Thursday (3/4/2022) 11 am pacific. I’m sure @Anthony and @agentpoyo will provide the links.

Cover Art by: Zu Orzu.

Zadie Lu is afraid of her own shadow. She’s a teenager, so she REALLY should have grown out of it by now, right? But something weird is happening in her small town. Zadie could swear the shadows are coming to life. Watching her. Trying to KILL her. But how do you fight something you can’t even touch? And how does all of this tie into her FAMILY, of all things?From the creative team that brought you the Eisner-nominated SKYWARD, writer JOE HENDERSON (showrunner of Netflix’s Lucifer) and artist LEE GARBETT (Captain Marvel). Join Zadie Lu as she ventures into the shadows to face her fears and discovers a legacy she never knew she had.


Not my style of art. But the book sounds interesting.

Oooooh, I like that one!

It’s up on our site now.

I’m a simple man, I see TFAW Exclusive I click Pre-Order.

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Shadecraft TFAW Exclusive now available to order.

I like some of Orzu’s work. SIKTC 11 and 15 are pretty good.

apparently it was just optioned

Saw that…nabbed my 2 copies…

Got my 2!

Grabbed my 2 copies also. Thanks for posting.

I wish she would have drawn more of the body. Orzu does some great work overall though.

When you read the first issue it makes more sense stylistically!

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Hey! This is America! I didn’t come here to read!


It says a limit of 5. Figured it’d be 1 or 2.

It was 2 for the first hour.


Looks like there’s only 1 left. Go get it!

Aw, bummer. I grabbed 2 early on and never went back to look XD

I grabbed 2, then upped it to 5 when the limit increased, then dropped back to 2 when my reasonable mind kicked back in.


My unsolicited Shadecraft Issue #1 review:

When you assume you’ll be cancelled if you take too long to create a character, so you just skip all context and condense an entire storyline into one hollow issue. Zero character development. A “reveal” that should have been built up and delivered in issue #5.

Pretty solid art and an interesting concept, with zero substance. It’s as if they took the bullet points for the whole story arc and just used that for the text. Seriously disappointing.

So far, this new wave of Image books:

Nocterra (good all around)
(Haven’t read Geiger, but am encouraged by other reviews)

Radiant Black (bad story meets bad idea)


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