Shadecraft Tfaw Exclusive up for pre-order

TFAW’s latest store exclusive Shadecraft #1 is up for preorder and its something you want to look at.

Limited to 500 copies and Hollywood Reporter announced the book was optioned today for Netflix. Great timing as the announcement came out just before the book went live.

Thiss TFAW exlcusive variant for Shadecraft #1 features cover art by the amazing Zu Orzu. It is an edition of 500, and comes bagged and boarded. It will be limited to 2-per-person for the first hour. Zadie Lu is afraid of her own shadow. She’s a teenager, so she REALLY should have grown out of it by now, right? But something weird is happening in her small town. Zadie could swear the shadows are coming to life. Watching her. Trying to KILL her. But how do you fight something you can’t even touch? And how does all of this tie into her FAMILY, of all things? From the creative team that brought you the Eisner-nominated SKYWARD, writer JOE HENDERSON (showrunner of Netflix’s Lucifer) and artist LEE GARBETT (Captain Marvel). Join Zadie Lu as she ventures into the shadows to face her fears and discovers a legacy she never knew she had. REGISTER PITCH: The dark tones of Demon Slayer and Something Is Killing The Children meets a cast of contemporary teen characters not unlike VERONICA FISH and KELLY THOMPSON’s Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


Thanks for the heads up - just popped 2 for my pre-order queue.

I missed this due to a busy day at work! Nice to see it sell out quickly.

I did purchase 1 copy. But as I looked through current and completed Ebay auctions it appears to me that there are only 2 versions available? I.E. no ratio variants for this book?
Heck… I don’t even seen any Store Variants currently

If there are any incentives they haven’t been revealed yet. I’m pretty surprised there aren’t other exclusives out there at this point. Maybe more will be revealed?

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I hope more are not revealed but foc is Monday. Also there are three covers. The A, the Jock B cover, and the blank.

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Got one earlier. It was weird I got the alert from key, then saw the post here. Almost like it was meant to be

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We in no way are working with them. TFAW had the 11AM Pacific drop scheduled for a couple of days. The news breaking right before though was a good luck bit for TFAW.

Yeah that was pretty weird. I was prepping it to be ready to go live and saw a notification with “shadecraft” in it and was thinking “Oh man did something go wrong do I need to postpone it?” but it ended up being better news haha

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I always forget the dang blank sketch cover :wink:

Thanks to @Kevin for pointing it out on the main site.


i wasnt the one who made the post, think it was drunkwookie

It said Migsellscomics. I thought it was you.

Just take the credit and run with it… :wink:

sanctum santorum I believe has one planned by justine frany

Is this an ongoing title or a little 5 issue mini series?

I dig the open order covers, too. Off to a good start.