The recent buzz about upcoming Southeast Asian characters got me thinking about Shang-Chi - we’re about 4 months from the film, but there seems to be barely any buzz spec-wise. Plot and casting news have been thin, but it’s surprising how little talk there is.

The recent Shang-Chi series introduced a few characters that are key to his newly fleshed-out origin - Sister Hammer, Sister Dagger and Brother Sabre, all of whom appear on the Ruan variant of #1 (which I remember seeing on this site months ago).

I can see them returning soon enough in the upcoming Shang-Chi ongoing, though it’s probably too soon for them to appear in the film. Maybe sequels in future.

Any suggestions for older issues to spec on, or characters likely to appear?

I’m surprised Leiko Wu hasn’t been announced as cast, particularly as she’s one of Shang-Chi’s classic supporting characters, and featured in the mini-series.

Awkwafina is cast as a friend of Shang-Chi’s called ‘Katy’. No idea who this could be, but based on an Awkwafina interview - I can’t say much about the role, but I can say that she is thrust into a world where she doesn’t really know what to do. At the same time, she’s discovering things about herself. - and her having a stunt double during the shoot, it sounds like she may be more involved than just a comedic sidekick.

Can any Deadly Minds of Kung-Fu shed some insight?

Shang-Cheers for reading!

Wasn’t Fire star rumored to be in Shang Chi? I thought I remember hearing rumors about that

She was definitely one of the names thrown around when people were speculating it could be a tournament film, but I worry her mutant status and connections to Spider-Man lead people to continuously link her to every other project, a little like how Omega Red is supposedly debuting in Black Widow, FatWS and Shang-Chi.

Also I’m devastated there was never a later printing to complete Su’s sweet set of character variants. Sister Dagger didn’t deserve the snub.


Is it too late for a #5 2nd Printing?

These are the 2 I’ve gone heaviest on.
1st Black Jack Tarr and first meeting of Spidey/Shang Chi.

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For anyone jumping on the Shang chi spec I’ve got the full run for sale from his first appearance in #15 to #125, annuals 1,2,3,4 and return of Shang chi #1
If you go to the selling section on the site you should be able to find my eBay link for pictures message me on here or eBay throw me some offers I’ll definitely try and work out a good deal for the CHU fam and we’ll price up the shipping together :slight_smile:

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It’s happening!

What is this for!?

what book is this, what issue?

It’s the Su variant for #1 of the upcoming Shang-Chi ongoing. Looks like Sabre, Dagger and Hammer will be sticking around. Wonder if we’ll see a new Brother Staff.

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I may invest in some more of the new Shang Chi #1’s my bet is one of these characters will appear in the movie or the MCU at some point if Marvel is pushing them more lately

I need a Shang-Chi first appearance for a reasonable price. Gonna have to start searching.

Reasonable prices are going to be hard to come by soon!

I bought a 9.6 of his first appearance about 6 or 7 years ago. One of the best purchases ive made.


" Not much is known about Cretton’s Marvel series on Disney Plus, but sources tell Variety it is a comedy."