SHE-RA show @ Amazon

This is all so f*cked. I mean, I have Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and Amazon, but if I had to choose just one on a budget, I’d be pissed every other day.

I went and bought a $9 Paw Patrol DVD the other day because I’ll be damned if I’m adding yet another streaming service subscription to the monthly bill with Paramount+.

We all just got unbundled into chaos. Would I have it the other way? No way in hell. But this is all getting a bit hard to follow.

Long ago, everyone complained about paying Cable TV prices cause out of the 300+ channels, they watched just a handful. “Why can’t we pay for the channels we want and not bother with the rest?”… Now we have that option and yet we are still gonna end up paying the same amount…

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Because they put She-Ra animated on Netflix then inexplicably put the next She-Ra show on Amazon.

The reason I bought a Paw Patrol DVD was because I just know, I JUST KNOW, Paramount will end their contract with Amazon some day and then any license I buy would be worthless. Then what am I supposed to show my kids on a Sunday afternoon?! Books!? BOOKS?! I choose death first.

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You can always take them out to the park… more to life than “screens” :wink:

Haha, yeah. That whole comment was mostly /s.

I took my wife and daughter to Antelope Island to look at Bison yesterday. We spent all of 20 minutes on the hiking trail being eaten alive by mosquitoes before turning back because a Bison chose to set up shop on the trail. We weren’t looking to negotiate our way around him.

Headed down to the stinky beach on the Great Salt Lake and the toddler had the time of her life stacking rocks for an hour and a half :man_shrugging: go figure.

Also saw a lizard posted up on a pile of horse shit.



Those pictures are gorgeous. Did you use a phone camera or a professional one?

Those were DSLR a Nikon 3500.

It’s an entry level DSLR, but pretty amazing even given that.

I have that same camera… it’s a great camera. Nikon makes the best lenses.

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There is some great stuff on Prime Video. What keeps me from looking there for entertainment is the fact that I feel like I’m scrolling through my daughter’s VTech kids laptop while trying to find things. It is abhorrently clunky to navigate.