Shhhh... we've acutally got it pretty good with grading

Holy crap-oly! I just looked up how much it costs to get a card graded. Basically, $50 a card plus shipping! Think about the amount of acrylic for a card vs a comic book, as well as the time involved in grading the two different objects, and I say I hope the comic grading companies remain $25 and under for a looooooong time. They could easily point to the card graders and jack up the prices. Shhhhhhhhh!

No doubt. Card grading is a racket. The prices they charge are outrageous. They got so backed up over the last couple of years that you now only have two choices: spend a TON of money to fast track your card to get it back in two weeks or spend less(although still a lot) and kiss your card goodbye for a year plus with no guarantee of when you’ll get it back. It’s really absurd.

Yes, with only 2 (Alana will say 3) companies grading books, and turn around times approaching a year for comics….little bit concerned where this could end up.

And unless long time graders do what Borock did and leave to start their own grading company, but do it the right way (which takes significant patience, and money) it’s only going to get worse.

Which reminds me I have about 19 books I need to send in to get pressed and graded…but I’m going with an outside presser to save time and a little money.

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