Shipping Comics Properly

Packaging Comic Books

I’m going to just describe my shipping method(s) and others can do the same. I’m sure we can all learn something from each other.

I’m very critical on my eBay books and if something’s happened during shipping because of a inept sellers packaging they’re going to hear about it. My feedback will always state exactly how the transaction went & I’m won’t hesitate to leave neutral or negative.

Books are always bagged and boarded when shipped with no exceptions. I refuse to ship Media Mail because it’s slow and in my experience 60-70% of packages I get media mail are damaged in some way. I think the big reason is the extended time it’s in the USPS’s system.

I use oversized thick pieces of cardboard to sandwich the book(s) in between. I like the cardboard to be at least an inch bigger than the comic on all sides. I attach the book to one of the pieces of cardboard using tape. I use shipping tape with both ends folded over so the buyer can easily remove the tape. Tear off a piece of tape, put it sticky side up and fold over the very ends. Then I apply the tape. I do all four sides of the book. I then tape the other piece of cardboard to it. Again I fold over these ends of tape as well making it easy to peel off. Also I offset the tape so it’s not covering the tape already used to secure the books to the one piece of cardboard. If I’m shipping multiple books they are placed face to face and the group of books are taped to the other books and then sandwiched between the cardboard. If you’re sandwiching your books without affixing them to the cardboard you’re a bad shipper. You don’t want the books shifting around because hello corner impact creases.

This is where my packaging can differ. If the books fit in a Gemini cardboard mailer then that’s it for packaging. If there’s wiggle room the comic(s) sandwiched between cardboard is taped to the Gemini Mailer to avoid shifting. Sometimes I put the sandwiched books in a bubble mailer and then in a Gemini or Regular Box. If it’s put in a regular box it’s got packing peanuts or bubble wrap surrounding it on all sides.

That’s my general shipping method and I’ve never had any issues or damage when shipping like this. How do you ship your books?

Buddle wrap mailer inside a gemini type box. usually prevents the book from moving and adds a layer of cushion. cut the bubble wrap to size and it should fit inside. ( buddle wrap envolopes are free from usps)

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I use the Priority mail bags to put the comic in after bagging and boarding. Tape the mail bag inside the Gemini comic face down. Then tape the Gemini shut. Pretty safe secure shipping.

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I put my books between 2 pieces of cardboard and then I use a lot of “Do not bend” And “Fragile” red stickers on my books. I also take a picture if them before I ship them out so that way I can put in a claim it they arrive damaged. “Knock in wood” I haven’t had a single one returned to be yet.