Shipping Craziness-It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Although I’ve seen this happen in the past, I’m noticing a massive uptick in this trend.

Items from all avenues (Amazon, ebay, even local places shipping to me) are giving me the ole “Item has shipped-here is the tracking” yet the item hasn’t really shipped. A shipping/tracking label was created…but that is it.
Not that what I think matters, but it’s wrong imo…an item hasn’t shipped till it is picked up and in the hands/enroute with the company that is shipping it.

Frustrating as often (I’m not just speaking of comics), I simply see the “shipped status or item has shipped” and assume I’m all set and start expecting the items. Medications, general stuff, presents , documents, whatever.

It even happened to me with contact lenses of all things. I’ve been waiting two weeks for contacts, called the optometrist and the same issue took place. Somebody just printed a tracking/shipping label but the item wasn’t ever actually sent.

Anyway, has anyone else seen a big uptick in this issue? I understand delays, those are always going to be an issue…but this actually irritates me even more.


I think this is a flaw in the shipping label programs. Most are programed or designed to update the “item has been shipped” when they print the shipping label because that’s normally the last step in the process, usually indicates the item is boxed and ready for the label to ship out.
Now with so many places that know exact weights and such, they get around this probably with more accurate measurements that don’t affect the paid price on the package. So yes, annoying but what are we gonna do about it? Just gonna have to sit back and take the punishment…

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Yeah, it wasn’t so much a complaint (again, I’ve tried to really limit my postal/shipping stuff) as wondering if others have seen a big influx in the issue as well. It’s always been an occasional thing, but in the last month, it has happened to more than half of the things I’ve had shipped (even non collectibles like I mentioned).

Yeah, I’ve seen a few things get “shipped” but no real actual movement until a day or two later.

My app I use tells the customer I “shipped” something when I print the label. Usually at that time I have the box ready to go and just am slapping it on the side. At the end of the day, or when I think all the orders have come in, I schedule a pickup for the next day. The issue I’ve had lately is either FedEx’a system gives me an error, or the appointment goes through, but nobody shows up.

If I have an appointment confirmed and the drive doesn’t show, that adds a day to the shipping time because it’s always after the drop off points close. This is the same with usps.

I will print labels and let people know I made the label and plan to ship later that day (or tomorrow if I print it late in the day).

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