Shoddy eBay listings

Would the site get in trouble if we started a new article of “Ebay Clown of the Week” where we posted a link to an ebay listing with egregiously wrong info? Like one I just saw that lists some Hercules series from Caliber as being drawn by Artgerm, when you can clearly see the signatures of artists not named Artgerm on the covers.

lol, I meant to say Radical, not Caliber.

Go for it. eBay listings are public. Just dont slander the sellers or buyers.

That would be a great read. Lets hear the stories.

Got for it. Ridiculous eBay listings or sales experiences are welcome. Like Poyo said, no slandering sellers.

My favorite experience gone wrong was buying some cheap Bronze Age horror mags off eBay. Seller cut up a cereal box to ship them in. No envelope just a cereal box. Unbagged and boarded he taped them to the cereal box and put a label on the box…

I’ve had a ton of shoddy eBay sellers especially when it comes to shipping. However I can’t think of one as bad as Anthony’s. It’s amazing how many experienced sellers don’t know how to ship comics properly. Ranging from unbagged & boarded books in a paper envelopes to perfectly packaged. A recent Savage She Hulk #1 CGC was very well packaged except the book was just big enough to fit in the box and the literal 30 Feet of bubble wrap caused this. I admit I cried just a little when I opened it up.


Submit a claim with usps (I’m assuming they shipped priority) and request $50 which will cover shipment and a reslab. Don’t do a regraded unless you think you can get a higher grade with a press or something.

Happened to me once. Worked out ok in he end. Sometimes shippers put slabs in priority mail boxes that measure the exact Length of the slab (because these are the free boxes handed out at usps) and it’s just asking for this type of damage to occur, unfortunately.

Not many know you can order other sizes of boxes from usps online and have them delivered to your door, free of charge. Thats what i do.

That damage looks like it was just She-Hulk trying to smash her way out of that slab jail… :wink:

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I already returned it and I’m looking for another graded copy. Hopefully there’s a drop in price while the buzz wears off and no news comes out. Had I known I could’ve gotten it re slabbed w/o a change in grade I may have gone that route. My understanding of USPS insurance claims is very limited. Although according to a letter I got recently in regards to a seller filing a claim they take the item if it’s approved. Although this seller blamed a problem employee for placing about 30 books in makeshift box inside a real box. No bags or boards, no cushioning and plenty of room to flop around and cause corner impact creases on most of the books. They refunded half and I kept the books.

I’m aware of all the free supplies through the USPS. I have enough to last several years. Lol.

Thanks guys, but not what I was going for. More like this:

What the hell does Artgerm have to do with this listing?


If you guys think eBay has bad listings, try browsing Offerup sometime. It lets you list stuff and indicate you are willing to ship and the section of stuff that people will ship can be quite interesting. I’ll search for comics and at times find something that is a stellar deal (which makes browsing worth it) but at other times it’ll be something like what I saw today. Some generic bronze age titles worth very little even if they were in good condition, but in 2.0/GD shape at best and listed for $495 with the poster stating, “I am firm on price.” That was maybe $20 retail of books in their shape.

Sorry. Another Artgerm. $10K? Must be the Actually Made of Platinum version.

That’s a nice deal… :slight_smile:



Keeping the sticker price you paid for the book and the bag? Tacky

Asking 30 times said sticker for a book that’s likely not worth more than the actual sticker…? Out of touch.

But best of all is the listing description…

Features superheroes from the fantastic four and avengers!
First edition trade paperback that comes with a dust jacket (I guess that’s what they call sleeves these days…)

A must have for anyone who loves superheroes!


At least it didn’t say, “Still in plastic/New in plastic.” Telltale sign they don’t usually work with comics if they think a bag and board comes standard or such. I mean, bags and boards are important, but yeah.

What the…?!


Is this Ebay’s AI doing the listings…??

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