Short Boxes

Anyone experiencing a serious shortage on short boxes? None of the LCS’s in my area can get them in and BCW keeps changing their backorder date. Getting really hard to store new comics! longboxes are in relative short supply but those are death on the back.
Had to order short boxes from East Coast Comic Supply. BTW, that company makes some great mylar-like comic bags that I have permanently switched to.

Amazon usually has 10packs for $45 or so

Bags and boards have been an issue here tbh and large LCS here.

The stores here have the decorative shortboxes, but are out of the regular kind. Interesting.

Great just what I need. First the ammo shortage now a shortage of comic supplies. I know the last time I went to my main shop they didn’t have any long or short boxes. is being registered now…

I have around 5 or 6 empty ones… Anyone want? I’ll let them go for $40 each… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



Top loader shortage in AZ… eh

Been switching over to the black plastic shortboxes from BCW and my last order (placed 12/22) did not fulfill and ship until the 2nd week in February … backordered.

Supplies for collectibles across the board seem to be very low.

BCW supplies across the board are in short supply and backordered. The people in charge of BCW admitted during the comicspro meeting there’s not much they can do about it right now (immediately followed by an explanation of why they were increasing supply prices and how supply vs demand worked…).

We’ve been looking for alternate sources of similarly priced supplies for weeks now to build up more inventory just in case hey become even harder and take even longer to come in.

2 Likes here we come… :wink:

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