Show Some Thanksgiving Love for Anthony, Mr Poyo and the CHU Gang


On this Thanksgiving Eve, I’d like to take a minute and say Thanks to Anthony, Mr Poyo and the entire Gang that devotes time and effort to CHU in both it’s incarnations …

I lurked on the main site for quite some time, prior to actually joining and commenting … as a Retailer, I found it quite helpful and informative … the Forum here let’s everyone have a voice and I enjoy it very much as well …

I’ll say that I don’t know the in’s and out’s of building these type things … I leave that to the experts … but what I think I do know is, Anthony and Mr Poyo and their “staff” of contributors likely do all this as a Labor of Love, more than anything else … keeping the articles going on the Main Site, keeping up with any breaking news, and the whole bit … and here, on the Forum, providing give-a-ways, posting insights, and all that goes with maintaining and keeping things fresh …

Speaking as a Retailer again, I will say that I was never into the speculation side of the Hobby, although, I do understand it has it’s place and I don’t knock it … but, again, I do tend to enjoy keeping up with things and the info that I gain is always a good talking point when it comes to my own walk-in Customers …

At any rate, please join me in saying Thanks and a Job Well Done to any and all that are associated with keeping, what I consider to be, the most Fan orientated, friendly and down home Comic Related spots on the Web at large … these fine folks have devoted their precious time, and I suspect, their money as well … and provided an excellent place for like minded folks to gather …

I’ve been in this business as long or longer than some/most of you have been on this Earth … yet I continue to learn from you … and all of that is Thanks to CHU …

Please join me in Thanking “The Crew” …

And a Happy Thanksgiving to all … :smile:


Thanks for all your hard work!! Happy thanksgiving :turkey::plate_with_cutlery::maple_leaf:!!K


Thank you, Tony and Poyo, for your hard work. Happy Thanksgiving to all.


YES! A very happy, safe and blessed Thanksgiving to all and thank you to Tony, Poyo and everyone who makes this the best comic book spec and enthusiast site hands down!


I agree with that 100%, and thanks for keeping both sites going. HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all.


I’ve never met a more dedicated and kind group of like minded people. What I like the most is that it almost always remains civil when people inevitably clash. Thank you and I hope you’re having a great holiday.


Hands up AND down!


I am sorry to say that I think it’s a sad commentary when 100 individuals show up in order to attempt to win a Give-A-Way, yet where are they when offered an opportunity to say Thanks to their Benefactors … ??

Way of the World, I guess … :cry:


Well,a lot are casuals, some might have stumbled across the site or heard of the give away from a friend or something. I’m sure as some of those who are getting their feet wet with this site will eventually become valued regulars. Not all, of course, but definitely some. Give them time to come out of their shell :slightly_smiling_face: Regardless, it was a nice gesture putting up a comment section to thank those who have brought us CHU. Good luck on the black Friday deals.

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Thanks everyone! You guys/gals make CHU even better!


Thanks CHU for putting in all the work to give us all this content. I know you all have full time jobs and lives outside of this site and everything you do here takes time away from those other things and for that we are grateful.

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