Show Us Your Tie-Dye, Dirty Hippies!

My whole house has been on quarantine with Covid. We managed to avoid it for 2.5 years and finally got hit.

During this time, I revisited a hobby I did a lot in high school- Tie-Dye!

So show me your tie- dye, hippies!


Dope !!!

Great designs.
On another note, I hope all of you are doing OK. You dont have to respond, but were you all vaccinated and boosted? I am curious if yes, are your symptoms mild ? I am still cautious about the virus - vaxxed and boosted, going for my second boost - and still wear masks in closed, crowded spaces. Curious what your experience was/is like, but hope everything gets better soon.

Please DM a response if there is one @drunkwooky


Feel better soon!

Seeing as you all have humored me this far, I’ll post some more:

High Republic Jedi Lightsaber Tie Dye:

Clone Wars Season 7 Darth Maul Bleach Wash:

Planning on dying the bleached spot deep red.

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Never was into Tie-Dye. But my boys both have some. My oldest has a Harry Potter one and the youngest has a Batman one.

There’s a whole sub-set of the internet clothing economy where people sell pop culture tie dye for a hefty premium. Like $50-100+. After looking at some of it, I was finally just like “I can make that myself. Also, I can make something I like better!”

Unless your like my wife and wait for a sale and get them for under $10 lol.

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Patience is a virtue and it also can save you a lot of money! :wink:

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Waaaaaaaaah??? Wooky likes Gundam…

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