Signed album booklet - Amy Lee

Sold Out already

Figured I’d drop this here for any other fans of Evanescence. Amy Lee’s autograph is not usually this cheap.

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Newbury Comics is a great place to check for potential signatures when your favorite musician has a new album coming out. I have yet to order any comics from them, but have bought signed music multiple times… :joy:

@mushu I just wanted to thank you for alerting me of the Bitter Truth signed by Amy Lee.
I just got the CD and autographed booklet yesterday and am as happy as can be!

Thanks again

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Hell yeah! I just got mine too. The signature is pretty nice. Have you listened to the album yet? I listened to it on youtube and it’s got some good songs, but it’s hard to outdo their Fallen album.

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I did listen! I very much like it!!!