Silk/Cindy Moon 1st Appearances (Oh BTW My Grail is For Sale)

I have a ton of raw ASM #1 Volume 3’s (the 1st Cindy Moon) in NM or better condition that have never been read, in addition I have an ASM #1 Volume 3 1:300 Sketch Variant CGC 9.8, an ASM #1 Diamond Lego Variant CGC 9.8, a couple of Silk 1 cover A 9.8 candidates that have never been read, and I have a bunch of ASM #4 cover A’s that are CGC 9.8’s and a couple of Ramos ASM #4’s.

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But my Grail (Ultimate Fallout 4 Djurdjevic Variant) is up for sale right now, I’ll post better pictures of it later tonight when I have a better camera.

If you are really really interested in something Silk related, let me know so I can auction it off on eBay, I don’t think I will auction a Ramos Variant off yet but anything else I might.

Whenever your ready to let go of a Ramos, let me know and depending on price, I might take if off your hands.

Thank you

Ok no problem, I’ll let you know. It may be around the time Spider-verse 2 comes out.