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Is it time for ASM #4 and Silk #1 spec to pay off? If Amazon puts up a budget, could Silk be the next big comic show?


Nice… I have couple of copies that I’ve been holding off on. Want to send them to CBCS for grading.


Now I might need to go watch Adeline Rudolph in Sabrina and Riverdale.

Adeline Rudolph is exactly who I would want to play Silk. Plus she’s hot.


Don’t forget also, Amazing Spider-Man #1 (2014) is Cindy Moon’s first actual appearance, cameo at best… It won’t ever reach ASM#4 type of status but still important in my opinion. Can still find for rather cheap too so could see it tick up a little over time when shows start approach.


When in doubt, buy both… #1 does get bonus points for the 1st issue, but there are a million variants with a huge print run. I think the Ramos 1:10 for #4 is the right play (of course I don’t have a high grade one myself). For #1 I like the 1:75 Alex Ross even though my personal fave for the PC is the Skottie Young.

So many strong Silk books out there to chase if you are inclined. Obviously her 1st appearances take precedence, but there are some beauties out there.

I’m a big fan of her Hip Hop Cover. All black cover also makes finding condition gems a bit harder.


Crazy, I was just saying last week to a buddy that Silk will probably be coming here soon. Let’s see how the ole AS #4 prices are moving now. The negative variant isn’t one I have but have wanted.

Yeah, especially since they’re already pushing for Asian heroes in the next wave - time to sock away those New Agents of Atlas books too.


The one I wanted was the Ramos. But now it’s way more then what I can pay.

The Ross ASM #1 1:75 is the one to get imo…decent ratio and not too expensive.

Do you think ASM 1:10 coincidently looks like ASM 86, or is it an intentional homage/swipe?

I think it’s just coincidence.

Yes, coincidence I think, but well spotted !

Oooo I’ve been waiting for Silk…got all my goodies ready to be listed for lots and lots of monies!

I’ve got a first Silk in, “Amazing Spider-Man,” #4 that is getting pressed and then graded.


Given Spider-Mans voice bubble on he cover of ASM86 - “…she’s a female copy of myself!” - I’m guessing the ASM4 was def influenced by ASM86, as Silk is essentially a female copy of Spidey. M2c.

Oh yes, i have multiple copies of ASM 4 and i purchased multiple packs this guy was selling of her cameo appearance…not to mention multiple awesome covers of her… they haven’t cast Silk yet right? This is the first news?

I thought there were rumors of the girl from Sabrina being cast.

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