Silver and Golden age comics heating up!

Before Mile High raised their prices through the roof a few years back you probably could of got it for a $1.30 on eBay. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My favourite character and an iconic cover, but even I am surprised that it sold for that much. How much is a high grade Action Comics #1 going to sell for in this market. Sheesh!!!

Not even a first appearance… I’d only pay cover price for this one! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Everyone knows Action Comics is just a cameo.


But cameo with 1st cover wins over 2nd (full) appearance.

$10mil. Minimum. In the same grade.

So looks like there’s only 2 copies of Superman in
8.0 or higher (unaltered), while there are 6 Actions in the same grade.

Action #1 Census:
1 9.6 (CBCS)
2 9.0 (CGC)
2 8.5 (CGC)
1 8.0 (CGC)

Superman Census:
1 8.5 (CGC)
1 8.0 (CGC)

Useful insight. I’d never noticed that Superman #1 was rarer than Action Comics #1 in the higher grade range. I wonder what that 9.6 would go for now :astonished:

I’d also forgotten that the 9.6 was a CBCS. I often see CGC fans saying you will never see expensive keys in a CBCS slab. This is a very significant exception then - the most valuable comic in history! (I use both companies, so no axe to grind in the endless CGC or CBCS debate)


I can’t be the only one wondering if it was 9.6 to CBCS, would it perhaps have been a 9.8 at CGC?


…or a 9.4 / 9.2 at CGC.

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Probably. If you believe the rumours! Quite a few people complaining that the ultra-busy CGC has been damaging their books, so perhaps best to keep this one in its CBCS slab and grade for now!

I hear so many horror stories of both lately. Hm.

Very unlikely. If anything CGC would find ways to grade it 9.8 to make even more of a premium on the grading fees. They wouldn’t make nearly as much on a 9.2/9.4.

At least CBCS issues have not been grading quality issues (that I’ve heard). Theirs has always been TATs and customer service returning calls/emails.

And now being disingenuous / deceitful SOBs

I can put up with some quality control issues if it doesn’t happen often. What will turn me away from a company is horrible TATS and non existent customer service/ returning emails which is what we have with cbcs. That’s non negotiable to me.

I have not sent any books to be graded by any companies yet,
decided to go with cbcs from what I read on here and various message boards. I sent an email to cbcs asking some questions on getting started, zero response. Then made an account on the cbcs forum and got my questions answered by the members there, also no reply from anybody from cbcs. Members told me that cbcs customer service is awful/non existent. I can’t imagine running a company and have this level of customer service from potential new customers.


CBCS used to have the best customer service. I used to call them up and ask questions.

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When I call CGC I have to navigate some menus but do get a human without too much trouble eventually.

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.
It’s ashame we all have to select one of those two companies based on which one is not worse in some capacity. And not because which one offers more to the customer. They’re both horrific; just in different ways.

If either of those two companies were in an environment of true business competition they’d both be pushing up daisies within 3 months. They’re just awful - just differently awful


Superman #1 (DC, 1939) CGC 5.0

currently at $440,000