Silver Surfer Black #1 Comicspro Variant by Adi Granov

Heads up… Midtown listed next weeks comics and they have the Silver Surfer Black #1 Adi Granov Comicspro variant listed just a wee bit over cover price. To my knowledge this is a limited print run of 3,000. So could be the one to grab as a sleeper book since we all know the other regular covers will be a tad bit easier to nab as Marvel loves their Cates boy…

Thanks for the heads up! Just ordered. Only listing on eBay is $40 - so already getting some $$ precedent.

Nice, I haven’t even checked eBay pre-sales yet.

And the only listing has actually sold 4 copies as well… Silver Surfer Black #1 Comicspro Variant by Adi Granov

Nice looking cover. I’ll get me one! Thanks @agentpoyo

Some sucker bought a $40 copy on May 29th. No listings are showing up for a few $ above cover.

Every cover I’ve seen for this series sucks. Only the shattered variant appeals to my, but I’m not paying $30 for a book with 1000 variant covers and huge print run. I’ll stick with cover A like Poyo ALWAYS recommends.

Yeah, I think it’s one of the better covers out of the bunch to choose from. I do like Granov’s artwork, he rarely disappoints.

Heh, true. I was hoping the Parel variant would be cool but it’s just weird looking and what’s up with Fantastic Four members in the reflection of his board? The Granov for this one wins me over so far. The Lim isn’t bad. I like Granov and Lim over cover A but I still pre-ordered a Cover A myself.

Midtown also has some signed Monstress comics up for sale next week.

Yeah. I still have a set of signed books I got signed by Marjorie in person here in Austin when Monstress just launched. That’s when Greg Pak was signing with her for his launch of Totally Awesome Hulk and the first thing I asked was, when’s Banner coming back! :slight_smile:

I picked up both Monstress and the Surfer book off Midtown.