Silver Surfer Black #1 Directors Cut

Guess you have more books to get signed Poyo.

Pffttt… Nope.

What is the draw with “Directors Cuts?” Aren’t they just black and white “reprints” of the original with (basically) the same cover? Never understood why people by these…am I missing something?

Actually come to think about it… looks like I need to make a new image and turn that into a Marvel cow with Cates milking it… :wink:

I don’t like Directors Cuts books. I don’t think I’ve ever bought one and don’t ever plan on buying one.

Your guess is as good as mine. Most of the time I just see them sit on the shelves for months only to end up in the dollar bin. Even at discount, still no desire to pick them up. Now if the publisher paid me to take one, then maybe I might take one.

From my understanding, directors cuts have a few extra tid bits inside that show the steps in some of the creative aspects that went into making the book. These creative tid bits are a good tool for readers, who are interested in the creative process, that want to learn more about the steps taken to make a book.

Which is cool but not cool on the price tag they slap on it. It’s the tid bits they sometimes include as a bonus in the back of a book. I think the process is cool but like I said before, I’m not buying that info.