Silvermane referenced in Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer

In a new foreign trailer for Spider-Man Far From Home, there is a scene depicting Aunt May (Marissa Tomei) going over a checklist with Peter (Tom Holland).
‘Did you remember to pack your supplies? Did you remember to take down the Manfredi Gang?
This is a reference to Sylvio Manfredis Maggia. Sylvio Manfredi is also known as ‘Silvermane’. Nemesis of Spider-Man.


Silvermane makes his 1st appearance in ASM #73. Silvermane also has a son named Joseph Manfredi, who 1st appears in Daredevil #118.

Nice. Out of all the stories of Silverman the one I like best is from Superior foes of Spider-man. His head attached to a remote control car and no one believes him lol.

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Superior Foes of Spider-Man was one of the best Marvel reads in the past 10 years hands down.

Agreed. It is odd how good or how terrible Nick Spencer can be. No in-between, stellar or awful.

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