@Anthony Did anything change recently with the way the site works/ads, etc.
I understand ads are a part of the game but there are so many darn pop ups, ads, things in the way that the site is at time almost unusable to me. Just curious. I’ve tried different devices even.
Just started the last 1-2 days.

Same for me. The site is almost unusable and has autostart videos. That’s a giant turnoff for me.


Yeah, today I am getting a small ad/video screen that stays dormant/black on my lower right screen. Nothing happens with it. It is just there. I can’t start or play anything, and I can’t move it or click out of it. Only happens on this site so it isn’t something screwy on my end…I don’t think.


Hey all. Are you talking about the main site or the forum? I switched ad companies today. They are testing out different ad layouts so they can see what works best and what doesn’t. I noticed the pop up video on the main and forum as well as the bar at the bottom which made it to where I couldn’t reply. Give it a day or two to get it all straightened out. The forum should not have either the bottom bar or the ad popping up but it’s reading over for some reason. They are taking care of it though.

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Also let me know if you are using desktop mobile or tablet. This info will greatly help

Last time I checked, we were about 60/40 or so, 60 mobile and 40 desktop. Not many tablets though but that could have changed since last time I checked.

I need to know what format they are having problems with.

I was seeing same thing on desktop, I browse CHU mostly from desktop as I work from computer all day every day.

I saw the same thing a short while ago when I looked at this new thread, ironically.

I’m on an iPhone.

Looks like it has been addressed now. Please let me know if you are still seeing it

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The advertising is getting to be a bit much. You haven’t reached the Bleeding Cool level yet, but you are getting close. I understand the desire for this thing called money, but sometimes you can chase people away. I actually have to remove an ad simply so I can post this…

Use an ad-blocker…

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Yesterday their was issues with the site. I myself couldn’t reply to any posts and finally was able to. I think it will go back to normal. Just give it time. Their are worst sites out there…

I actually switched ad companies as I didn’t like the way the ads appeared on the main site, they were not supposed to transfer over to the forum. It was an issue that was addressed. It was an unfortunate incident, but it happened. I had the developers fix it. We are working on any additional issues on Tuesday. Like I asked, give it a few days so we can get it all ironed out. The dead video ad and the bottom bar ad are the ones not supposed to read over. the video ad is now gone. Thankfully, the bottom bar ad can be clicked on and removed.

Believe it or not, it does cost money to run a website and forum. Hosting and other fees rack up. Advertising is a necessary evil. I am not getting rich off the site, in fact, I am actually getting poorer. Trying to find a balance here. But they did run tests to find the balance between user experience and income.

Not sure people realize this, but I work full time and then run the forum and main site that is another full time job, one that doesn’t always pay, but costs money. So again, please bare with me while I get the issue fixed.


Always appreciate your sacrifices to keep this show running.

CHU is 100% volunteers, whether it be behind the scenes keeping the cogs turning, or those willing to share/offer information without expecting anything in return.


And lately I’ve been getting more “family friendly” adds…and Less Lou Diamond Phillips mug shots.

So that’s good!

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I told you to quit feeding @agentpoyo three times a day! Two is enough!

Some people do fine once every other day.

What? I still do intermittent fasting. I probably should eat more… I think I average 1500 calories a day.

Dear God, we need to feed you more! I refuse to be the only chunky person here. I’ve been working on my weight but it’s been a process.