Slabbing books for PC

I have a run of X-men #4-30 from the original 1963 series and wanted to finally get them slabbed however the cost to get them slabbed from CGC, CBCS and PGX are widely different. The grade of the books range between VG and Fine.

CGC $80 15 days 1000 max
CBCS $60 14 days 1000 max
PGX $25 12 days 1000 max

Should I just use PGX since its for my PC or should I go for CGC with the highest resale value?

If you never intend to sell them and they’re for the PC, I’d go with PGX to be honest.


I may just go with PGX, I just calculated the cost saving and I would save $1485 by using PGX over CGC.

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Yup. If you’re doing for PC and just to preserve them, go with the one that saves you money because clearly the reselling is not a factor into this more than likely.

Yep usually cost me $600-$750 to grade and ship 30 books from pgx depending how many silver age and how many get pressed.

They also have great customer service any problems like cracked slabs they fix free, sometimes even give you a couple books graded for free on your next order.

I am going to send to PGX East and get these back in two week. Cool.

I don’t “need” to get my books slabbed, but I want them cleaned and pressed and, in my opinion, it is either mylar and toploaders with clear backing boards or PGX to keep them looking the way they were cleaned up.

It depends on your end goal like everyone else says here. And honestly for PC only books in those grades, I wouldn’t pay to get them graded at all and would instead use any of the multitude of “slab it yourself” slabs on eBay/Amazon or even just mylar and top loaders. This would also save you loads of money.

Are you planning on displaying them on a wall or just putting the run in a graded box?

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And you can read them any time, the comic skins have some UV protection, and can be displayed.

Make your own label too.