Sleeping Beauties Ashcan

Anyone pick up a Sleeping Beauties #1 ashcan? The prices are all over the place right now but this seller has them at $4.00 plus shipping. Figure if it takes off when the show comes out this may be a “true first” as people like to say.

Thanks Tony. Wasn’t able to go to the LCS this Wednesday due to work so I ordered 2 of them just in case.

I picked up the 1:10 but $4 for the ashcan (before shipping) I’ll take that for a Steven King property. Looks like I got the last copy unless the seller puts more up. thanks for the heads up.

Nice. I grabbed one before I put this up so glad some Chu members were able to grab some cheap ones.

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Picked up several copies of the ashcan 3 months ago. Didnt both with issue #1 or the 1:25, since the ashcan is the first appearance.

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Yup. This is the first appearance. I hadn’t seen them in any shops or have any shop mentor them to me. So when I saw them I thought these were the ones to grab

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