Small PGX order has come back!

Don’t give me any this grader is better than that grader gruff in the comments just showing my books that came back today and have a question on ones value.

Kinda shocking the two 9.4s I thought would be 9.8s too have no idea on the 10.0 I never have had nor seen one on a major key, I about peed my pants when I saw it. Any idea on the value of a 10.0 1st Batman Who Laughs foil? I’m pretty clueless when it comes to books above a 9.8. Have another 60 books back soon and will repost these on the main site with those thanks for looking.


Awesome PGX 10. WOW

The Thanos 4th print was the one I thought had the worst shot for a 9.8 I had them press the back cover the rest of the books didn’t need a press.

Ok found a cgc 10.0 foil that sold a year ago for $1500. 5x 10.0 on CGC census.

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Well, even for PGX (I know, I know, no guff) that Teen titans #12 10.0 I would think will sell for at least 1900 to 2200, give or take. Batman Who Laughs is hot right now!..Sit on it and let it climb or sell it now there is no way you won’t make some big bucks on it! Congrats!

Nice. A lot of great books. The only thing about the foil variant is that it was produced months or maybe longer after the actual issue came out. The foils do have a tendency to grade higher as well. I bought and sold a raw copy I had and made a nice profit.

I would think the PGX 10 would sell for a CGC 9.8 price…but feel free to prove me wrong with results.

Nice books though.

Nice haul

Some snazzy books there!

I got a spare dollar to spend… :innocent:

I always click on the ‘Suggested Topics’ at the bottom of a thread and ran across your post here.

Just for your reference I can only find one sale of a Teen Titans #12 Convention Edition 10. CGC 10 sold for $1100 in September of 2018.