Some books I'm seeking..

Today I got a steal I got the The Boba Fett Dark Horse Omnibus for $30 some bucks.

Books I seek, when I can find them at an economical affordable price to me. 2 of those are easy for me to get, the bottom ones but I’m waiting it out. :slight_smile:

Annihilation Conquest Omnibus

Tomb of Dracula Omnibus Vol. 2

Tomb of Dracula Omnibus Vol. 3

Knights of the Old Republic (Dark Horse) Omnibus 1-3

Moon Knight Vol. 2 Shadows of the Moon - Epic Collection

Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Horror 2005

Annihilation The Nova Corps Files 1

I love Omnibuses but I sure don’t like their prices. But if you wait, you can snag some deals for sure.

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I put a SAVE Search on certain words so when they post, eBay sends me a notification. Deal or no Deal I know it’s for sale, just got to have patience with Grandfather time whether it is catching up to all the thing it’s done, or waiting for his slow @$$

They have some cheap ones here use my code to create your account and make it cheaper with a $10 off coupon for your first purchase.

Sign up for Mercari and get up to $30. Here’s my invitation link :

I’m Mercari but havent used it in several years. :Gratitude!

Hey @CRUZZER I have the Tomb of Dracula Vol 3 omnibus and the Moon Knight Shadows of the Moon Epic Collection. Let me get my hands on them and I’ll let you know prices etc.

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