Some 'Moon'Berry Drink

I’ve never ever had GFuel but being a Moon Knight Drink, I wanted the CUP… lol
so I ordered it. had a $10 coupon so after shipping + taxes broke even on what was it cost.


Id buy it just for the cup…

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If it’s trusted by Pewdiepie than I’m all in! :slight_smile:

The cup is pretty darn cool. I’d buy it!

Is that a My Little Pony or something?

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@agentpoyo I’m embarrassed to admit that I knew who this was. He is a big time Youtube/gaming type media type fellow. I believe one of the highest $$$ making individuals in the business. Creates gaming videos along with his wife. Fairly young when he was making millions as well.

I only knew as my son used to watch his videos back in the day.

Oh I know who you’re talking about now. I recall my wife telling the kids they weren’t allowed to watch his videos again because he was saying some inappropriate things, or something like that. Controversial issues of some kind…

Still sounds like a My Little Pony character… :slight_smile:

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That’s the only reason I bought it. My comments exact on a certain Moon Knight FB Group.

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Mine arrives by Saturday :slight_smile:

You gonna drink some?

I work at Costco, I live in Arizona and sometimes I get thrown to help the guys out on carts,
SUMMER is here (we hit 95 tomorrow, and that’s nothing)

So yes, I’m sure I will…

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