Something is Killing the Children #11

Wow! So now a new arc starts in issue #11 and it seems the variants are popping out of the wood work! According to some reports this issue has outsold #1… am sure the 1:100 variant helped with that. Rare to see a series pick up momentum like this nowadays… and yes, some of this is due to spec. Anyone else excited about this issue and/or variants coming out? Is this spec-worthy as we look ahead? Thoughts?

I love the series. So far so good. Hopefully it stay like that. As for the variants, they should of left them alone. The most it should be an A, B, and C cover. But to do all these variants, I’ll stick to just cover A.

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Strange… the ending of issue #10 didn’t seem like the end of a story arc to me but what do I know?


This book definitely deserves the hype - it’s been a hell of a read.

You said the magic words… you knew this was going to follow right?



Lol. Oh yeah…

Nothing more than cover A for me from here on out. I’ve followed it from issue #1 and actually bought a few of each cover as it intrigued me in Previews. I actually am a big fan of Jae Lee so that is the reason (when i saw that cover) that I even gave it an initial glance.

Love the story…but imo…they’ve jumped the shark in terms of all these variants. Nothing against those who want every cover…they are all pretty cool.


I stopped ordering the book once the store variant guys jumped in.

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Yes, from a spec perspective I’ll jump into the camp of AgentPoyo as Cover A is a much better gamble when it comes to overall ROI… but I have to say, some of the store exclusives popping up are looking nice (e.g., Scott’s Collectibles and Black Cape Comics to name 2 out of the exclusives that I’m aware exist at this time… others include Mutant Beaver which had a 500 virgin and a limited to 100 metal virgin; I think they were partnered with someone else? … Frankie’s / Golden Apple have one out now as well). More importantly though… the story thus far has been very good … I really look forward to seeing how it all evolves over time! … AND … if I can make a few dollars to pay for my comic habit along the way; icing on the cake :wink:

Buy it for the read now…spec is like fire island after Labor Day…