Something is killing the children #15 Alan Quah Speculation

Another Scott’s Collectibles exclusive Sunday 7th @ 9pm UK time I think that’s 4pm EST

Will be limited to 400 virgin wrap around copies but I believe this is a store exclusive and SIKTC isn’t really my choice in books no matter how good the spec play or art is so meh it’s up to you
What do you guys think of this?
Will you be trying to cop some? I mean it is only 400

Edit - price is £20/$26 for a wrap around So I may try and cop if I’m unsuccessful with the alien variant

Also to US customers make sure you press on the US shipping option I’ve heard stories of my friends from across the pond having their orders cancelled because they did not select the correct option


That’s a sick as cover.

It’s definitely got a cool design and it’s a wrap around virgin variant so I wonder how it’ll do on the secondary

For all the speculators and flippers out there the Scott’s collectibles SIKTC Variants seem to consistently do well on the secondary market and with such a low number available you should see a nice profit on this so don’t miss out at 9pm tonight

Or if you’re a fan of the series & cool art pick it up for your PC

Edit - limited to 1 per person

I tried… sold out while attempting to check out.

I managed to snag one.

I was able to grab 2…no limit for me.

Ack. Frustrating. I had my address and payment info preloaded. I just needed to add one and go. Got to check out, hit the final button, and the page just reloaded with a little error alert on the page. No indication what the error was.

Guess I’ll try again with the Trinity one.

I managed to get one I paid with Apple Pay on my phone so my address was pre loaded all I had to do was use my fingerprint on the home button

How didn’t you have a limit?
Scott’s said that if anyone purchases more than 1 they’ll cancel the order so prayers up they don’t cancel on you

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Well I hope not…if it allowed me I do not feel I should have my order cancelled. It should not allow it at the quantity selection then.

Standard prices seem to be £80+ at the moment what do you guys expect this to balance out at?

I’m going to come back to this sometime in the next week or two to check to see if they cancelled your order if they don’t you best believe I’m getting more than 1 next time :joy:

Well if they do…I hope they have the decency to only take one away. :crossed_fingers:

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