Something is Killing the Children TFAW Variant

All I have to say is congrats to those that bought this (myself included) when I listed them on here and the main site.


Thanks for the link, when it was posted, it’s always appreciated!

Obviously now in hindsight, I wish I would have bought an extra copy.

I get the single copy I ordered in a couple of days… to make $100 off a quick flip is pretty tempting, but the collector in me is like man if this is really only 1/500 then why not hold on to it? :man_facepalming:

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My copy arrived this past week. Thanks for posting originally CHU, and thanks TFAW for a great cover!

Skipped this one as I picked up the crossover tfaw variant and it did nothing spectacular, doh.

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They need to make a siktc variant or cover where she has her hair down and without it tied up. Would be $$$$

Image store exclusives rarely ever heat up… Also, it took over a year for SIKTC to really take off…

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Well, it goes to show you that something made In an honest attempt to just offer something cool to the comic community can be well appreciated…and appreciate well!

Given the 500 limit, TFAW could have jacked up the price, but $20 buy in was a no-brainer here.

Mine is in transit with a bunch of high republic ratio variants and regular covers…hope it makes it here as since x-mas my success rate with USPS deliveries has been pretty bad (as in lost mail).

Mine are on their way. I’m reading this digitally so I’m looking forward to selling both. I won’t list until they’re physically in my possession though. We all know the pitfalls otherwise.

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Hey the first one or two sold on eBay did great! Crossover I still have some faith in long-term for spec.

But in terms of exclusives, the only rule we have internally for them is that we only do them for comics someone is genuinely a fan of or excited about. I know a lot of the online retailers that specialize in mainly exclusives also try to play the spec game or focus on artists that sell well, but we just go with people we like and things we’d want to see as fans less so than things that will be quick flips.


Crossover still selling for $20+. Most are listed for $40

I saw the post on here and preordered 3 from TFAW. They all came in perfect. I was just going to stash them in my SIKTC box for the future, but seeing these results it’s tempting to post one or two on ebay now.

Great heads up.

I just sold a copy of the Tfaw Crossover #1 about 10 minutes ago for $53.10 which pays for my order of 3 with a little profit


At least you kept 2? :rofl:

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Yup. Buy and flip to read and collect books. My hobby of comics pays for itself. None of my actual income pays for any of my comics nowadays (and LEGO sets).

I bought 7 of the Star Wars Insiders #199 Sub variant for $10 each. 4 came damaged. I still sold one for $100, another for $75 and then 3 of the 4 damaged copies are $50, $50 and one currently at $41 bidding with 2 days left… still leaves me with a minty fresh copy for sale still and my reader copy. Easy money, so easy!

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Yeah, I just shipped off my second of my five SWI 195s for sale. They came somewhat damaged too, but people are still scooping them up. Already paid for the whole order plus some.

If anyone happens to be local to one of our stores they each got a few copies to sell at the original price. Not a ton since most were sold online.

Dang. Wish I had a friend in that area. That’s sweet that the got the extra copies.

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That’s pretty much the plan for every exclusive we do. Most will be sold on the web, but our stores will be getting a small amount so those customers don’t miss out. In some cases the stores will get things like a signed copy if the artist is someone local.

We still have a few copies of Crossover 1 at our two Oregon stores (I think the Universal one sold out?) as well.