Something is slithering through time

In Thor #5, Cate’s writes the Black Winter speaking to Thor and saying that “something is slithering through time, someone is killing your destiny.”

Okay, my knee-jerk reaction is to assumer Knull. After all, Knull wants to return everything to a state of nothingness. But the “slithering through time” comment makes me think Knull isn’t a good candidate. I mean, Knull hasn’t been slithering through time–he’s been incarcerated, serving time.

So… who are your best guesses?

And anyone else think Aaron and Cates are working together to craft Thor’s latest failing hammer narrative? I mean Aaron just had Moon Knight reveal he can control the hammer because Uru is moon rock. And Aaron and Cates are both working on next Summer’s event. Just a quick tangent on top of the spec question ;p

And Cates has even claimed that Jason Aaron is his favorite writer of all time… I could see them working together now.

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Void Knight perhaps

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