Son of Kal-El #2 spoilers. New character is The Truth?

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yea, full 1st for him to. also last page cameo of a bad guy

Any pics?

not that i have access to atm

I didn’t see the truth in #1

yea i just reread it, not in there at all in 1, not even a cameo

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He is seen on the screen of a phone

I guess this is what you are referring to?


is 2 he is seen in full , and mask comes off and real name given

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Huh. The truth IS out there.

Yes sir. I’m not saying it should even be counted as a cameo, but he is there.

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You had an early read?

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So #5 will be first full of the villain as hinted by tom himself.

yes on the read, i assume that is what happens #5 for 1st full of bad guy app

So it wasnt the guy burning in issue 1?

nope its a president of a country


Oh. Interesting. You’re a reliable source of mine from now on lol

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I’m guessing this is The Truth character on the cell phone.

Apparently, the bad guy coming in #5 is (President) Henry Bendix, a former Wildstorm comics character.

WildStorm Characters Continue Returning To DC Comics Today

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