Sony and Aspyr Confirm Knights of the Old Republic Remake for PS5


If memory serves me correctly, this game was only available for PC and Xbox. I’m pumped that it’s coming to the Playstation platform. Now I need to upgrade my ps4 lol

Best to wait… they still seem to be selling for almost 1k it seems…

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Probably won’t find one for retail price until the Christmas after this one, you can get one for $700-$750 if you look around on Mercari or eBay. I’ve yet to see one in a store I’ve seen one Xbox x at Walmart one time. The Xbox x has been used like 3 times it sits in my daughters room the ps5 gets used everyday. Hoping something good is coming for Xbox this holiday season.

They also showed a teaser trailer for Marvel’s Spider-man 2 and a new wolverine game from the same developers


As someone who represents a large retail landlord I can confirm that many retailers are reporting that their Christmas stock is hopelessly delayed beyond December 25. More particularly, anything with a microchip that hasn’t already been manufactured will be delayed well into quarter 2 of 2022.